Monday, July 30, 2007

Now Chicago cops got a new reason for approaching Blacks smoking outside

One thing that concerns me on this state ban is more smoke cops approaching me in the streets next year, and they try to lie to me about me smoking less than 15 feet away from a building. When I know darn well I'm not less than 15 ft away!

It's sad there are cops in my town who will approach innocent folks similar to me for no freakin reason. After all, I heard about Chicago cops who have shot innocent versions of "us" because they claimed we looked like gamg members or whatever, And now, they got the "enforcing the state smoking ban" excuse as a reason for approaching more bros/sis who smoke outside. I could see confronting someone who is smoking inside. But if I'm smoking outside, mind your own business. And you oughta be worried about those of us in the streets who REALLY look suspicious!

I'm NOT trying to make this new law sound like a hidden racial issue. But I will predict in 2008, more of us in Chicago might get hurt by darn cops as we innocently smoke outside.

Maybe I'm not clear enough (if anyone still doesn't get my point). But since we live in a time where most people connect smokers with evil folks, and combined with enforcing a 15 ft smoking law, some of those cops might think since I'm smoking near a building, then I might be spying on folks. And as I already mentioned, there ARE some cops in this town who will walk up to someone like me for no legit reason. And now, they got a new dumb reason for approaching me ("See that guy smoking a few steps from the doorway? I'm going up to him to see if he has anything on him.").

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