Monday, July 16, 2007

No smoking. Now no GRILLING?

This isn't exactly off-topic. This is still about controlling the lives of folks by banning something else that doesn't make sense, just like a smoking ban being dumb.

I read an article where no one in this PA town can't grill anything after 8 pm. A lot of folks disagree with the decision, and some of them had an attitude sorta similar to "Screw it! I WILL grill after 8."

The mayor made this decision because someone complained to him about his (the person talking to the Mayor) neighbor starting fires every night. And the smoke drifts onto the complainer's property.

I don't understand why a whole town needs to be penalizied with "No grilling after 8," just because of one person's actions. Goes to show this decision is all about controlling the residents' personal lives. A lot similar to smoking bans controlling my personal life.

I wonder what will be banned next in that PA town. No fireworks after 8 pm for the NEXT 4th of July?

How am I supposed to enjoy living in America when this country is nothing but a bunch of nannies and (I guess) socialists, in relation to this forementioned article? I don't like living under another power's control. If I lived in that PA town, I'd ignore that dumb-A grill ban just like a smoking ban. If I'm starving after 8 pm and I can't grill a hot dog, what the heck am I supposed to eat?

Those folks got it right. There are more important issues to worry about than banning grilling after 8 pm.

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