Monday, July 2, 2007

More MYO smokers means less $$ for the states

One smoking activist online views buying cigs from tobacco shops outside of the US (MYOs particularly) as civil disobedience. Well, buying MYO materials outside of the US is still rule-breaking, since the smoker is still avoiding paying all 50 states tobacco taxes. Albeit that's not my personal version of breaking smoking-related laws. Most people know my version of civil disobedience.

His point was if all smokers switched to buying MYOs online from tobacco shops outside of the US, the states would think twice on smoking bans. Since none of them would be collecting tobacco taxes by smoking MYOs instead, and they wouldn't be able to balance their income (with the loss of tobacco taxes). I actually follow this point.

But unfortunately, there are a lot of brainwashed smokers who are committed to their favorite premades, and they still believe in making trips to other states in order to save money on their habit. When I first tried MYOs, I got some negative comments when smokers on my job saw me smoking regular MYOs. Comments like "MYOs taste horrible." (How do you know? Did you roll up the cig yourself, or use a machine to make it?)

"I don't have time to be making cigs. When I need one now, I NEED it." (I understand....I'd rather spend time smoking than making cigs. But some MYO smokers are capable of making a pack in only a few mins).

And then there are young ones who smoke the "in-brands." The brands that are very popular in other words. And these smokers refuse to smoke anythang else. Newports is obviously one in-brand.

I think the key to getting all smokers to switch to MYOs is trying to convince to them if the states and anti orgs stopped collecting money from tobacco taxes, they would think twice on smoking bans. You know, help them get rid of that "I'm smoking only these and only these" mentality.

But then the real challenge is trying to convince mills of smokers, especially young ones, that spending time making cigs yourself is darn worth it. After all, this is one key if you ever want to see smoking bans get revoked. But I know for those smokers who have busy lives and not much spare time would have a challenge of finding time to make cigs.

I like the idea of every single cig smoker enjoying MYOs, since that would mean no cig taxes for the states. But the challenge of making this goal a reality lies within the brainwashed smokers who don't see this point. All they want are packs of their favorite brands,

And these smokers didn't spend too much time giving MYOs a try (among those who told me MYOs taste like sheet).

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