Sunday, July 29, 2007

IL ban will cause crap for IL bars near WI border

" I mean, sure, there might be a downslide for a little while, he said. "But eventually people will get used to the change."

(Quote from this ARTICLE)

I got news for you "bud" with another one of your silly quotes. I'm already living in an area of IL with a smoking ban that's 1.5 years old, and I'm STILL not "used to the change." And since I view a smoking ban more like a discriminatory law rather than a "health law," if you think I'll eventually get used to a law that promotes society to discriminate smokers, then you're nuts.

Those smokers near the IL/WI border will never get used to the change either. Even if they don't exactly agree with my views on a smoking ban. If I lived near the border, I'd get a ride to a WI tavern myself where I can drink and smoke. If a tavern expects me to spend money inside, then I expect to see an ashtray inside of the tavern. I'd really hate to see IL taverns close down within only a few DAYS. But I and mills of other IL smokers won't spend crap in an IL tavern if we can't smoke in it.

That down side will be for a LONG while. As negative as that sounds, trust my words. IL ban supporters will learn the hard way smokers represent the majority of hospitality customers.

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