Saturday, July 7, 2007

How I developed civil disobedience thinking

I probably talked about this topic in groups before, but not within my own blog.

I could get along with no smoking on a bus or train. But when smoking started getting banned in restaurants, I thought that went too far. My motto is "A restaurant expects me to support them but yet I can't smoke inside? When cigs are a LEGAL leaf unlike the other leaf I tried smoking once? No way! I'm either gonna keep my wallet shut, or if I am forced to enter, I'm gonna study the place and find the best place to smoke inside in secret fashion."

I can't get in trouble for smoking in prohibited areas if I'm not caught. I could be a good smoker and obey the signs. But I gotta be me. I'm a smoker, and I pay so many darn taxes (as well as me voting on Election Days), I feel smoking inside is a must if IL and the Fed Govt expects me to give them money via having money deducted from my paychecks for those taxes. I oughta get 5 free cartons of cgs if I'm eligible for tax refunds in the future.

I heard once smokers in Egypt light up wherever they please, and they don't have to worry about smoke cops. But yet, if I light up anywhere I please, I'll get ticketed if caught. Sounds like I need to actually visit Africa where older generations of my family lived at, and if I wanna find one country (Egypt) that's a smoker's paradise. Unfortunately, I hear smoking ban proposals are on the table for Egypt.

I know if we allowed smoking in restaurants again, there would be no need to engage in civil disobedience.

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