Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hooray for the Brits!

I just finished reading about the big day over there in UK which was held on the date of this post.

I see an antismoker showed up and the owner physically removed the motha from his house. I actually read the pub is his house as well as his business. I hope he shoved the anti out of his business. I probably would've told the anti to go outside where you belong, you filthy piece of crap.

I hear the day was a good old-fashioned day at the pub with lots of peace and lots of support from nonsmokers who believe in freedom of choice. It's cool to see nonsmokers supporting the same rights smokers are fighting for. Those nons are probably not brainwashed by anti poison-anda.

It's good the cops didn't interfere with this event. But I bet if this day happened in say CA, the smoke cops would turn the Day of Defiance into a big riot. That would actually be sad, because when it comes to expressing freedom of choice publicly at a pub, we don't need threats and violence from smoke cops. At least those Brit cops know about showing respect to smokers and nons who believe in the freedom of choice.

I hope one day, the smokers and nons who believe in freedom of choice will see a similar day here in the US. Sure, everyone who keeps up with smokers rights news worldwide knows about this UK Defiance day. But I'll be surprised if the US media brings it up.

Those UK folks also showed smokers are normal human beings who have rights like everyone else in this world.

If you wanna read about the Defiance Day in more detail, here's a link to the post Blad left in his blog.

http://pro-choicesm okingdoctor. blogspot. com/2006_ 06_01_archive. html

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support Jay. We (Brits) are usually fairly laid back about most things, but this bloody-minded ban won't get an easy ride from us. Always enjoy reading your site, keep smiling, never lose the faith; and smoke 'em when you got 'em.

Best regards,

Mac McCubbin. East Kent, UK.