Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Even kids are pressuring their parents to quit smoking

I read this article that deals with teachers in UK schools urging kids to pressure the kids' parents to stop smoking. By using the "Kids have the right to live in a smoke-free house" thinking.

If I was a dad, and my own kid pressured me to stop smoking, I'd give him/her the same treatment my mom gave me. I'd remind the kid:

"This is MY HOUSE! And I make the darn rules. Now if you don't like smelling cig smoke in this house, we can make arrangements for you to live somewhere else. And quite frankly, when you become a teen, you need to try one of these menthols before you snitch about smoking. There's a reason why you see lots of bros and sis smoking menthols. They know smoking is bad, but sheet, there are LOTS of bad things in life. Some of them even worse than smoking a cig!"

"I'm the one that helped put you in this world. But if you want a smoke-free house, I'll do everything I can to give you your wish. Because WE ("Mommy" and I") REFUSE TO QUIT SMOKING JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE BEING TAUGHT TO FORCE US TO QUIT IN SCHOOLS!" Understand?"

I don't believe in spanking (something my mother did to me a lot when I was little). And my mother actually did the right thing in encouraging me to at least try smoking, Antis think she's a bad mom for encouraging me to try smoking when I was 13. But SCREW YOU ANTIS! If I never followed her advice of "You oughta try smoking before you B about it" I'd still be a lowlife anti to this day. She saved me from the lie of "Smoking will make you die" by making menthols sound like refreshing friends. And they ARE refreshing! :)

And fellow smoking activists helped my pro-smoking attitude get better over the years.

I might even look into homeschooling my would-be kids. I can educate my kids better than a bunch of brainwashed teachers. Teachers pressuring their students to become smoke cops in the kids' own homes oughta get fired on the spot! This world is becoming more sadder!

I never made those arrangements to live somewhere else because within a few weeks after I tried smoking for the first time in my life, I gave my mother a huge apology for the sheet I used to give her, She did her initial part of saving me from anti poison-anda, and smoking activists helped me build on my pro-smoking thinking.

And if a teacher urged me to get my mother to quit smoking, I'd probably tell the teacher: "I don't care if you send me to the principal for saying this. But screw you and go to heck. My mother and I both smoke, and we both like it. Have you ever smoked? If not, you have no darn right telling me and my mom how to live. You gotta try it for yourself."

My mother would probably look into homeschooling me if a school in modern times expelled me for using that bad (but still honest) language at an adult.

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