Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Comments on 13 reasons why antis hate smokers

I'm gonna try my best to think about and comment on these 13 reasons why antis hate smokers. You can view the actual list by clicking here.

A. Well, this one certainly explains antismokers the best way. I don't like the idea of you morons forcing your preferences on smokers by trying to get states to impose smoking bans. What you want is a smoke-free USA. What I want is to live in peace and enjoy my cigs. Is that to hard to understand? You might enjoy walking into a smoke-free restaurant instead of trying to make life a living heck for me and owners who don't like the idea of being forced tto follow a smoking ban. I hate the yucky smell of certain perfumes. Does that means, based on antismoking logic, we should have a perfume ban? Please!

B. With all due respect, if your loved one or loved pet died from a train wreck or a terrorist attack, I seriously doubt smoking caused it. I seriously doubt smoking is responsible for ANY death. Now if your loved one got struck by a bullet, smoke from the gun caused that death. But not cig smoke. If you honestly think cigs are similar to using a loaded gun, then good luck if you tihnk smoking just one cig will kill you. Smoking causes me to meet new people. But it doesn't cause anyone to die while walking past me.

C. Why are you ashamed of yourself? YOU chose to smoke. And you can't blame Big Tobacco for YOUR decision to start smoking. If you gonna sue them for changing your life (Big Tobacco), I oughta sue you for forcing me to pay more money on cigs due to the "wrong choice" you made in your freakin life! I know smokers paying more money for cigs because of ex-smokers winning lawsuits is totally unfair! And if you're born again, please find a scripture that says "Thou shalt not use tobacco."

D. Big Tobacco ain't liars. Nicotine is something that's naturally found in tobacco. Anyone with common sense oughta know if a pack says "Lights" on it, that doesn't mean the cigs are safe. That just means Big Tobacco lowered the nic in those cigs. There is no such thing as a safe cigs, MYO cigs included. Natural tobacco cigs don't have those added chemicals on them. But even the American Spirit site hints "Just because our cigs are additive-free doesn't mean there are no health risks assosciated with our cigs.: The health risks are actually non-existent anyway. I still have NO lung cancer after nearly a decade of smoking everyday. Big Tobacco ain't liars though.

E. Big Pharma is more like Big DUMBA to me. Those nic gums, nic patches, and other stop smoking aids are jokes. I even hear those patches and gums have VERY little nic in them. I think smokeless tobacco can give me more pleasure than a darn nic patch.

F. You don't need to be concerned about my life. You oughta be more concerned about your "fellow man" robbing your wallet, and beating the living crap out if you if you ask the fellow man to put the cig out. And I'm not just referring to myself. I was thinking of the UK smokers being just as aggressive as me.

G. I have a Q for you Mister Scientist. When it comes to having dumb-A studies on smoking, why do you use animals (like rats for instance) instead of humans? SHS might kill a rat. But a human's body is different from a rat's body. If you're gonna study smoking effects, do it the RIGHT WAY by using actual humans. Or would using actual humans not support the lie of "SHS kills period, and smoking cigs is a deadly habit?"

H. I'd get a thrill from knocking you down with the help of my "lil black bud" in my hand right here. Want one-last cig before I feed you some "chips" with lead in it, freaked-up fascist? This world would be better if I could wipe antis off of planet Earth!

I. You MUST be a retard if you think you can get AIDS from inhaling clouds of cig smoke. AIDS is a disease related with sex. Not the act of smoking. I guess if inhaling SHS causes AIDS, then you need to put a condom over your darn nose. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

J. I'm sure when you applied for that job, either the application (or the employer at the job interview) brought to your attention that you would be working in a smokey environment. You DID know what the job is all about before you got hired. And you accepted the hiring. That's YOUR fault. Not the employer's fault. At least you get paid for smelling nice cig smoke and rich cigar smoke!

K. If I could do it right now, I'd vote your A out of office right now! We need sensible mayors and politicians in the US. We're so worried about tobacco smoking, we're essentially telling kids to say YES to drugs and beer now!

L. A smoking ban would include banning tobacco sales too, and not just ban smoking in places. A smoking ban would also include banning anything else that produces smoke. This "smoking ban" I see right now has more to do with discrimination towards a group of innocent smokers.

M. You like to argue with people? Well, I don't need to fight with you. Because unline other smoking activists, I don't have the same patience when it comes to "debating" with an anti.

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