Monday, July 23, 2007

The bad news for IL smokers and IL owners is now official

On July 23, Rod B signed the bill which makes IL's statewide smoking ban official as of Jan 1, 2008. ARTICLE LINK

This is a sad day for IL. And it really pees me off that this stupid Governor actually said he wishes IL had a bill like this sooner. He's a big liar, when he said months ago it should be up to the owners and local communities when it comes to banning smoking. He even supports stealing freedom of choice from smokers and owners!

And even bar owners who used to be against local smoking bans in IL are now in favor of a state ban. That's a case of those owners drinking anti poisonanda so to speak. Those owners probably believe in leveling the playing field with a state ban. But there's no such thing as leveling the playing field. Businesses in IL will close down, smokers will go out of state to get those meals and drinks, and IL smokers will even avoid playing the lottery within IL.

I'd love to blow some smoke in Rod's face. This state could use a smokers rally before 2008 comes, similar to the one I heard about in Hawaii from earlier in the year.

If you can't smoke in IL, why bother living in this screwed-up state? IL doesn't deserve even pennies from smokers

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