Thursday, July 12, 2007

American CUTOFF Society

American Cutoff Society sounds like a better name for them. They believe in cutting owners off from making money so the owners are forced to close down for good. And they doing their part to cut off smokers from society by demonizing the act of smoking and by making smokers sound as evil as possible.

Since they believe smokers have no rights whatsoever (not even the right to enjoy a cig in public peacefully), I'd like to give the ACS my own version of cut-offs. It's nice you guys agree the SG is a liar. But why bother supporting smoking bans? I wouldn't support discrimination of smokers even if I never smoked myself!

Smoking bans are basically signs of discrimination towards smoking (and disrespect for the owners' version of freedom of choice). And the smoking activists I HAVE met in person are far from "evil folks" anyway, They're just fed up with society like myself. Just because we're nice smokers doesn't mean we're supposed to show respect to fascist groups like the ACS! And it doesn't mean I'm supposed to obey smoking bans either.

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