Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adding insult to injury for IL smokers

Here's some more sad news if you live in IL and smoke. How about a proposed cig tax increase of 75 cents per pack?

I know. If you don't buy your cigs in IL or get MYO cigs, this news doesn't matter to you. It doeesn't matter to me either. But it sure is offensive to have a statewide smoking ban bill signed. And then present a new bill 2 days later about the cig tax increase.

Sounds like IL is on its way of becoming the midwest version of CA. The only difference is there's no IL city where residents are legally allowed to terrorize smokers. I really wish I was playing on legally terrorizing smokers in a CA city called Belmont. But that's the actual case. I hear a smoker can legally get shot and killed in that city.

The anti poison-anda is so strong in IL, this state is doing everything it can to force me and other IL smokers to qut smoking. Raising the prices won't make me quit. Not when I have the option of getting MYOs and buying cigs outta state. And some smokers will continue buying packs from illegal dealers in the streets of downtown Chicago.

A smoking ban definitely won't make smokers quit. The state ban will make smokers more arrogant, vicious, and disobedient. It'll even make owners disobedient by ignoring the new law (particularly businesses in small IL towns). But mills of smokers in IL quitting during 2008 with the new state ban? In your freakin dreams, pal!


Garnet said...

You really nailed the situation in Illinois with this post, Jay.

I love the "But mills of smokers in IL quitting during 2008 with the new state ban? In your freakin dreams, pal!" wrap-up.

Take care,

Jason T said...

Hey Garnet,

I heard on another forum that USA packs might see graphical images on packs in the near future. Similar to the pics Canadian packs already have.

I think both of us know even graphical images of "smokers lings" on packs won't motivate mills of folks to stop smoking either. It certainly hasn't convinced Canadians to stop enjoying cigs (it being the graphical images in general).

Unfortunately, I don't have an article citation to confirm this rumor I heard. Otherwise, I'd share it within both IL Smokers groups.

I'd ignore the images anyway. Although I didn't grow up during the 50s and 60s, I remember seeing cig ads from both decades. As well as the TV ads. Hopefully at some point during my lifetime, I can re-live those days by seeing glamorous cig ads again, and smokers being treated as 1st class citizens for a change.