Friday, June 29, 2007

World Defiance Day

Because of work this weekend, I don't have time to leave a post of my own. But I did want to pass along this info from Michael McFadden on July 1 being World Defiance Day. This day sounds like the closest "Smoke-IN Day" I heard of.

In Britain this coming Sunday, HUNDREDS of pubs/bars will stand strong in Defiance of their newly enacted nation-wide smoking ban. We must all, across the globe support our Brit friends to stop this wave of Governmental Intrusion into business and personal choice. This Sunday, we Defenders of Choice in Hawaii will stand tall in DEFIANCE to our own Draconian smoking ban, and we encourage all troopers in all the many battlefronts across the planet to do the same on Sunday. In a show of worldwide SOLIDARITY this event will kickoff WORLD DEFIANCE DAY, the day when smokers and their friends will stand up to unjust and ill-based regulations that go beyond all reason. Our movement in Hawaii has been watched and covered worldwide as we set major precedents in our recent battle and nearly pulled off the legislative upset of the decade. Here is our own strategy for this momentous event coming up. We invite you to follow the same so as to provide a consistency worldwide. Remember, there is power in numbers and consistency.

1. Choose just ONE bar per town/city where the event will take place unless you are sure enough of overwhelming support to support several. There is power/impact in VISUAL numbers. Impact will be far greater with 100 defiant smokers at ONE place vs. a handful scattered over 20 bars.

2. Make and announce the primary time for the event for TWO HOURS so all can be there at once in a short time frame. The Defiance can go on throughout the day, but those two hours will mark the concentration when smokers can depend on the maximum number of supporters and the media will know there'll be something colorful to film.

3. This event in Britain caught us all by surprise, so we haven't had that much time to prepare, but that is okay...every revolution started with a handful of crusaders... Where it will go from here is unknown. If British pubs stand strong in their resistance the English ban will fall, followed quickly by the Scottish and Welsh, and soon thereafter by the suffering Irish. In America the Defiance and resistance will be more on a city and state by state level, but inspired by their friends "across the pond" we may begin to see significant ignoring and rolling back of American bans as well. So get on the horn/email and get a hold of as many people you can that smoke (cigs/pipes/cigars/rollers). Don't forget their friends either! Remember, many nonsmokers also believe that the antismoking lobby has gone too far: very few actually support denying smokers ANY choice of indoor space to gather! Here in Honolulu, we expect close to 200 to show this Sunday!! It's gonna be a blast of a Smoke In.

4. Media coverage is KEY. Once the media realizes this is a coordinated WORLDWIDE event involving thousands of citizens in countries around the world, they will show us much more respect and will desire to cover it with a story that is far less biased than normal. This event will also show our opposition that this battle is going to be a tough one...we are now SOLIDIFIED more push-overs. We CAN turn the tide! As Mike McFadden of the Smokers Club has said, "Bans are NOT Inevitable!!!"

5. Contact your local media (TV, radio, print, internet-mag) via a personal call or a short note (press release). The Press Release should be short and sweet. Feel free to copy, use, and build on the below:

"On July 1, 2007, hundreds of pubs in Britain will stand in Defiance to their
new nationwide smoking ban. This date, a true Day Of Defiance, also marks the first WORLD
DEFIANCE DAY. In a show of support for
our Brit friends and to show worldwide solidarity for our movement
to Defend Freedom of Choice, we smokers and friends in _____________(town/
city) will also stand in DEFIANCE to our own smoking ban. WORLD
DEFIANCE DAY will be celebrated this Sunday at __________(bar/pub)
between __________(time) and therafter. You are more than welcome to witness
this momentous event as we continue our battle against the ever
growing and alarming reality governmental intrusion into our daily
personal, private and business lives. Our battle cry/motto is Martin
Luther King's bold statement many years ago, "ONE HAS A MORAL
OBLIGATION TO DISOBEY UNJUST LAWS". This law is indeed unjust.
By the way, we WILL be smoking!!!!

6. Have a bright conspicuous 4x8 banner made and hung in the front of the
establishment...something to the effect..."WORLD DEFIANCE DAY! Defenders
of Freedom of Choice! We stand United. Smok'em Up...use your imagination,
but just make sure WORLD DEFIANCE DAY is somewhere on the banner...
remember CONSISTENCY!!!

For questions/advice feel free to contact:

Michael J. McFadden

Samantha Phillipe The Smokers Club, Inc. ( )
Garnet Dawn ( )

Jolyn Tenn (
Dave Crowley (

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