Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tobacco Taxes

The majority of a cig pack price are different taxes for that pack. One of these taxes that effects smokers nationwide is the Federal Cig Excise Tax. I heard the wonderful folks in DC want to raise this federal tax to $0.61 per pack. This specific tax goes toward funding governmental programs. I wouldn't be surprised of one of those programs is related with "saving the kids" from SHS and smokers. I don't believe smokers should be forced to send in funds for governmental programs. Those folks in DC are wealthy. Why don't they use their OWN money? After all, those are THEIR programs. Not mine.

Taxes on a cig pack also go to major anti groups, and that tax money isn't used to help find different ways to make cigs safer. You would think if they portray tobacco as a demon weed, they would use smokers' money to find ways to make cigs a lil bit more safer to smoke, right?

Wrong! That money is used to help fund antismoking programs that deal with preventing kids to start smoking, and quit-smoking programs. As well as contributing towards antis pushing for smoking bans in states that hardly have current smoking bans.

Kids are gonna find ways to get cigs, whether society likes it or not. As a matter of fact, in my town, kids can easily buy packs from pack dealers in the streets. And thanks to technology, a teen can make his/her own fake ID that looks so real. I know some cities actually have ways to cut down on fake IDs. But in my town, as long as a kid shows an ID that has a valid birthdate on it, clerks on certain sides of the city will just ask the kid "I'm guessing you want one pack of Kools (or whatever brand) since the prices are so darn high?"

I wouldn't be surprised if those young clerks are fellow smokers too. From my experience, nonsmoking clerks follow We Card when it comes to kids trying to buy tobacco. But smoking clerks are like me (at least the clerk smokers in my area). They don't give a squat about We Card. I wonder how come smoke cops don't do their job in investigating stores like that where clerks ignore the under 18 law. I guess it's because those stores are also in rough areas, and the cops don't wanna risk walking into possible violence over something as small as selling packs to young bros/sis.

And quit smoking programs! I have no interest in quitting smoking. So why the hey should I help pay for these programs so brainwashed smokers can quit smoking? If I quit smoking, I wouldn't be Jay. I'd be a nobody, since cigs are a part of my personality.

The only way smokers can stop giving away tax money that's abused is by switching to cigs they can make themselves. More RYO smokers would mean LESS money for the states. But if you're a smoker who prefers mainly premades, you could try buying cigs outta state.

I buy my cartons outside of IL where the prices are darn cheaper in Indiana. I've been doing this for a couple of years ever since online tobacco shops cracked down and became dishonest on reporting orders. I owe money for back taxes on cartons I bought online from 3-7 years ago. I'm not paying squat on those tax bills. And I never will. I'm not gonna allow IL to make me broke and turn me into a homeless person so to speak!

If avoiding state taxes (by buying outta state) is a crime, so be it. I'm not rich, and even if I was I ain't paying 70 bucks for a carton. I'm doing whatever it takes to get my precious cartons as cheap as possible. Maybe if IL wants my tax money on packs, Chicago oughta make packs only 3 bucks each (as is the case in Indiana).

The increase on taxes is supposed to force smokers to quit. But it does the opposite. It makes smokers get cigs in criminal fashion...I know in Iowa if you're caught buying cigs in Missouri, they view that as a crime in the form of a hefty $200-$500 ticket. Depending on how many cartons you bring into the Hawkeye State.

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