Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tobacco tax is the govt's piggy bank

Money is powerful. When some people find loose money, they grab it, or would even fight for it.' People also get greedy when it comes to making money.

Same is true for how the different govts treat tobacco. They treat tobacco as their piggy bank. And if tobacco was a health issue, it would've been illegal long before I was even born. But it's not banned because selling tobacco is how the screwed-up govts and major anti groups make their money!

Imagine if every single smoker quit. I don't have a calculator. But is it safe to assume the govts would lose MILLIONS OF BUCKS (in tobacco taxes) if people stopped smoking? Or maybe if every smoker switched to MYOs? The greedy govt doesn't wanna make (as they call tobacco) the demon weed illegal. They wanna keep ringing up millions of bucks in tobacco taxes collected from cig sales.

I guess if tobacco WAS illegal, the govts would be collecting tax money from fast food instead. That Big Mac is unhealthy. But mills of folks still eat them everyday. And parents wonder why their kids turn obese as a result of eating fast food meals everyday.

Tobacco never was a health issue. It's all about the moolah, and that's why cig taxes keep going up. The govts feel if I ain't gonna quit smoking, then I can give them more money via tobacco taxes.

You know how some folks of my type are greedy towards money, that those folks will do whatever it takes to get more big bucks into their hands? Well, that's how states are treating back tax bills they send to smokers who bought cigs online. The states are attacking innocent SMOKERS who bought cartons online ages ago. And the states are demanding the smokers to pay 1000s of bucks in back cig taxes. The difference is the states ain't pulling out threats in order to steal that money from the innocent smokers.

I wish someone from Springfield's revenue dept DID pull out a literal threat on me in order to
steal my money. Not only would I defend myself from that freaker, but that would make the national newsreel.

"A rep in Springfield, IL's revenue dept meets a Chicago smoker with the intent of getting back taxes on cigs from him. And he threatens to hurt him if the taxes are not paid. But the smoker pulls out his own weapon, and smoke of a different kind comes out. No charges were filed because the Chicagoo cops thought the African-American smoker fired the registered gun for self-defense. Springfield will investigate on why the rep even bothered to make a threat by going to Chicago."

Yup, if that happened for real, maybe an incident like that would make collecting back cig taxes illegal in EVERY state. It's already illegal in Wisconsin to collect the back taxes.

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