Friday, June 8, 2007

Thoughts on outdoor smoking issues

Banning smoking outdoors is bogus. Antis got their wish of smoke-free buildings. Now they're complaining about smoke in doorways. Either I can smoke inside or outside. They can't have it both ways.

That's also why there are laws saying you can't smoke so-and-so feet from building entrances, so antis won't have to smell smoke. Based on that logic, vehicles shouldn't be allowed to go down streets. It's not OK for a nonsmoker to inhale SHS from doorways. But yet, there's no low protecting them from vehicle fume inhalation...fumes that are more dangerous than SHS. That's screwed up.

If I feel like I'm not smoking less than 15 feet away from a building, I hope I can request a measurement.

I know some places prohibit smoking at the beaches. But some want smoke-free beaches because the beach workers are tired of sweeping up cig butts. I bet they're tired of sweeping up butts on downtown sidewalks alone.

Here's a piece of friendly advice for those workers. If you hate sweeping up butts, either quit the job, or let the politicians know that smoking bans are making your jobs inconvient. If smokers could smoke inside as THEY should, then sweeping up butts outside wouldn't be an issue. But as far as smoking on beaches is concerned, what's the point of me spending time in the sun when I can't smoke and relax? Antis argue kids can pick up butts on the beach and swallow them. If there's a kid who actually does that on the beach, then that kid's parent is irresponsible for not watching the brat.

That's another thing about smoking outside. Antis snitching about smokers "littering" with their butts. Well, if cities learned to install ashtrays near each building and on the corners of every street, I bet smokers littering with butts wouldn't be much of an issue. I see trash cans on the corners of every intersection downtown. But I see NO ashtrays! Not even near actual buildings!

I know some smokers save their butts and throw em away when they can get to a trash can (for dumping em). If it's a crime for me to litter with butts when I'm finished smoking outside, then how come I see no ashtrays I can use in the streets? Sometimes I have no choice but to drop the butt on the sidewalk, with all due respect. I can see dropping empty PACKS in the streets being wrong. Those can be disposed of in trash cans.

Did it ever occur to antis that they would see less butts on the streets if us smokers were allowed to enjoy ourselves and our lil friends inside of places? If smoking was meant to be outside, then smoking never would've been popular in the old days. At least that's my belief. Why buy cigs if tobacco companies said decades ago "You can only smoke cigarettes outdoors?" They never said that because they KNOW inhaling SHS is not deadly at all. Smokers back then would've gotten as mad as me if someone demanded them to "Take it outside!"

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