Thursday, June 14, 2007

Smoking Parents

Antis think if parents smoke, they should lose custody of their kid(s), Because according to them, parents smoking around a kid is the same thing as child abuse.

Child abuse my foot! If smoking around a kid is child abuse, then what does that make parents who may not smoke but they will beat up/rape their own kid(s)? Smoking around kids in the past was never viewed as child abuse. The reason why it is now is because the majority of people in society think inhaling 2nd hand tobacco smoke for a kid is very dangerous. A kid is not gonna die by living in a smoke-filled house. And it's the parent's right to smoke in the home in the first place.

If there's a kid who actually hates being around parents who smoke, he/she will just have to live with it, til he/she is old enough to make it out here on his/her own. And the last thing a kid needs to do is to press charges on his/her own parents for smoking in the house.

If more folks were educated on the truth of smoking, then topics such as parents losing custody of their kids simply because of Mom and Dad being smokers can be put in a burner. I can see parents who literally abuse their kids end up losing their custody. And those parents should be put behind bars. But smoking parents are very innocent. Smoking parents have better sense than nonsmoking parents anyway.

Smoking is a habit. Not a murder weapon towards kids AND adults who don't smoke.

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