Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Smoking isn't a habit for us"

I remember an antismoking bro telling me a similar quote. On how he doesn't smoke because it's a habit for W's.

I didn't respond to him, but he sounds like the type of anti who assosciates smoking with one particular group of people. I hate to burst his bubble, but people of ALL races/nationalities enjoy smoking. Including Africans who actually live in Africa. I hope he has seen sport teams celebrating winning world championships before, because I saw more than just "w" players smoking cigars.

Or maybe he falsely assumed that since he lives in an area where we are not common, then that must mean we don't smoke. Well, that anti bro needs to visit a big city where black residents are more common. I bet he'll see more of us smoking in a big city. And I'm sure if he ever takes a trip to Africa, he'll find MORE African smokers over there. Maybe he forgot about Christopher Columbus being introduced to pipe smoking by Indians in the late 1400's! Based on his logic, how come a "w person" didn't tell Christopher about smoking tobacco in a pipe? LOL

If smoking IS a "W habit," how come Russians, Hispanics, French folks (you get the point I'm making) smoke too?

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