Friday, June 8, 2007

Smoking in cars with kids

Maine has a law that makes it illegal to smoke in cars with kids inside of it. I'm guessing this includes (if Chicago had a similar law) kids who ride on motorcycles with Dad who smoke or "buds" zooming around for business reasons.

A car is the parent's property like a house. Therefore, whether kids or adults are in the car, the parent has every darn right to smoke in his/her property. And suppose the driver of the car or motorcycle is an actual teen? I guess that teen would get locked up for smoking in the car or on the bike, since it's illegal for him/her to be smoking period?

Or what if the kid just turned 18? Will the smoke cop still give the adult smoker a ticket for driving in the smoke-filled car? Or will the cop ask for the 18 yo person's ID, to prove he/she IS 18?

So many controversial Q's assosciated with this dumb smoking law. If this law ever comes to IL, I hope the smoke cops will be prepared for speed chases when it comes to catching smoking drivers with kids in the car. I dunno how the cop is gonna catch a Newport bro or a Marlboro dad zooming away with their sons on the back of motorcycles. Especially if the bike driver has the capablity to do something else while zooming (and I don't mean smoking the cigs on a motorcycle).

I'll leave it like that before I get carried away. That's how I honestly think on certain smoking issues because I'm from a place where law-breakers are common (and normal for me to see). I can imagine Maine parents being ticked off of that law though, I wouldn't recommend speeding, because even a Maine smoke cop might be shocked to see an innocent smoker do that.

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