Sunday, June 10, 2007

Smoking Bans cause deaths/crime attacks

Remember when NYC first enacted their smoking ban in 2003, this bouncer over there got murdered for simply trying to enforce the ban? I recall this chick from NY who got raped while she smoked outside of a bar during the night as well.

Bloomberg felt sorry for the bouncer's death, but he didn't blame the ban for the employee's death! What world is that Mayor living in? If there was no smoking ban, the smoker never would've gotten outraged at the bouncer. I bet if Bloomberg entered a NYC bar today and saw some nice disobedient smoking going on, he might die himself if smokers in the bar charged at him and give him punches for making their lives miserable. Because as I heard recently, the NYC owners and smokers have basically said "Screw this ban! We gotta live! And owners gotta continue to make money! Therefore, screw Bloomnerd! We're lighting up late at nite while he's in bed!"

If there was no smoking ban, that chick never would've opened herself up as a crime target, since she smoked alone outdoors. If there was no smoking ban, she would've been safer by smoking inside instead.

As sad as both of these incidents sound, it's TERRIBLY sad to hear about an elderly smoker dying while smoking outside of a Canadian nursing home back in January of 2007. That smoker's family sued the home for her death, and a nursing home worker got fired after the death.

Smoking bans are supposed to protect nonsmokers. But they do a bad job of protecting smokers and workers who just do their job. I mean, the bans don't protect smokers/workers from possible crime, as well as protection from dangerous weather. Do you think antis care if an elderly smoker dies outside in the cold, or cares about a female smoker getting raped while smoking in a big city? Yeah right on antis showing concern!

I wouldn't be surprised if chicks got raped over here in the dark while smoking. Just because I didn't hear of it on the news doesn't mean that crimes assosciated with smoking bans ain't happening here. At least the type of crimes where people step outside to smoke on lonely nights.

Luckily for me, I've never been a victim while I followed a smoking ban. Since my smoking makes other guys get cool with me. But if a lady smokes alone outside, she oughta have someone with her as she smokes. So those "other guys" won't even think about attacking her.

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