Saturday, June 9, 2007

Smoke Cops

As much as I'd love to share my 100% honest thoughts on smoke cops, I'll put it like this. They oughta spend more time trying to keep the streets (and alleys) as clean as possible. But even I know that's a challenge for them. Especially if the alleys have no cams. Those alleys are the best spots for those who may not be violent but still believe in taking other type of thrills so to speak.

But anyway, I will share my only confrontation with a smoke cop.

2 years ago, I saw a guy smoking at the train stop near Wrigley Field. The platform was crowded with Cub fans. So I went near him and lit up my own cig. Neither one of us said a word.

And then a cop approached ME and said "I see you work here. You know you can't smoke up here." I put my cig out in front of him as my way of showing him it was out. And he didn't give me a ticket.

This freaky cop demanded me to put it out, but he didn't tell the guy standing next to me to put it out. That cop should've done his job by telling both of us to put it out. I sincerely hope that cop just overlooked the guy smoking (since it WAS crowded). But part of me believes he gave the other guy a break since both of them are part of the same group so to speak.

Now in modern times, it doesn't matter what color you are. If the smoke cop catches anyone smoking on that train platform, that person is getting a ticket. That does sux in a sense. But at least the smoke cops are ticketing ANY fans for smoking on the platform now when caught.

I still think the cops need to spend more time focusing on the streets than catching disobedient smokers. Because if catching smokers is all what the cops did, that would make it easier for thrill-seekers to get away with stuff in the streets. I guess that also includes bros who sell different items in the streets as well (like CDs, jewels, etc). They don't have to worry about getting arrested if cops are more worried about catching smokers breaking the ban.

Cops are a benefit to society when they do what they're supposed to do. And that's protect citizens from violence and not tobacco smoke. I know if a false terrorist alarm goes out and millions of folks (cops included) flee out of the Windy City, I ain't fleeing myself when I know it's a false alarm. I might smoke in places I always dreamed about smoking at. And I wouldn't be the only one taking advantage of a golden opportunity like that. LOL

I didn't exactly give my totally honest thoughts on cops. But I did leave an idea on what I think of them.

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