Saturday, June 9, 2007

Peaceful Thoughts (mostly peaceful)

This is a weekend, where people relax, have fun, and go out to places. I meant to leave a more relaxed post on smoking. I couldn't resist responding to that Q someone intended to leave as a comment. That Q helped me let it out on that "Save the kids" saying. I dunno how antis can save kids from SHS when there are kids who actually smoke themselves.

Antis claim Big Tobacco make smoking look glamorous. Well it IS glamorous. If there was never anything good about smoking, then 20 percent of the American adults who still smoke would quit.

Antis claim smokers have bad luck in making friends. Being a smoker has certainly helped me meet more intelligent smokers. A few of those smokers I also ended up meeting offline as well. I also meet smokers offline when a bro or sis sees me enjoying a cig outside. Smokers are intelligent? As far as smokers who recognize the truth on smoking bans go and the truth on antis' claims....I'd agree REAL smokers are intelligent. Brainwashed smokers need to be educated on the truth, and not just antis.

I must be very intelligent for a smoker if I received comments from outside of this blog. Some are impressed at what they read on here, and some think my thoughts are actually more stronger in here than the posts I leave in groups/forums. Well, I'm just being honest in my thoughts. I guess people can see for themselves I wasn't playing when I said I'm proud to be a smoker and of my heritage....since the city side of me comes out at times. I didn't lie about my age range either if I sound more like a smoker who's been lighting up for decades. Since most smokers around my age are sadly brainwashed. But as least some of them enjoy smoking those Ports.

I know if every smoker in this world had my mindset, we wouldn't have smoking bans and darn high cig prices. Since a city knows a smoking ban would be a failure if every smoker in the city ignored no smoking signs. And Chicago would get nothing in cig sales if smokers either went to Indiana, or switched to MYOs.

Missouri polliticans asked the residents down there "Should the cig tax be increased?" The majority of the residents said NO on a cig tax increase. That's the way politics should be. Residents of IL (especially smokers and owners) should've been asked if we need a statewide ban. Since I pay taxes to this state in several ways, I'M the one that should've decided if IL needed a state ban. Not a brainwashed, screwed-up House member or Senator. I understand not all of them are brainwashed. But still, smokers needed a say on the state ban issue.

I smoke, I pay taxes, and I vote. But I can't voice my opinion (as part of a Springfield poll) as to whether or not IL needs a smoking ban? That's bogus! I oughta get a refund on state taxes I paid throughout my life. If you (the Springfield folks) ain't gonna listen to me, then you don't need to take my money! And I do have my ways to get cigs. So you ain't getting IL tobacco tax money from me anyway.

You think I'm playing? Watch how some IL smokers AND business owners move out when 2008 comes. I wouldn't be surprised if lots of them agree with my thinking of "I'm not giving you tax money if you refuse to listen to me! Buh-Bye, state of ILL-thinking-nois!"

If IL had warm weather like CA in winters, then more people would accept smoking outside in the IL winters.

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