Thursday, June 14, 2007

Other parts of the truth on smoking

I'm gonna find a way to post at least once daily in here. Here's a more recent post from myself within the groups). This post is in relation to letting society, antis, and brainwashed smokers learn about the truth on smoking.

Well, with all due respect to [antis], I'd like to ask them:

How do you explain numerous closings of businesses across the nation (within states and cities with smoking bans)? A couple of businesses have closed down in the Springfield area (as far as my home state is concerned). And I think a LOT more IL businesses will eventually close down in 2008 unless exemptions are granted to taverns and night clubs.

I'd like to see the antis, lawyers representing them, and antismoking orgs try to stretch the truth of "Smoking bans DO hurt businesses." And I hope those uneducated folks come up with a better excuse than "Well, those places had poor food and poor service anyway."

I wonder if they can explain how come lung cancer rates have gone up, despite the fact only 20 percent of American adults still smoke. I know how they'll stretch that part of the truth. "People still smoke because they're hooked to the nic. I can't explain why lung cancer rates have gone up with fewer people smoking."

BS if you ask me! As I said in my blog, if people just wanted nic, they could swtich to smokeless tobacco. Since it's more convient to "get nic" by dipping. Unless there's a smokeless tobacco ban I never heard of.

There's certainly more to the truth than SHS not being dangerous...although I'll admit that's the main part of the truth. But as I tried to point out in the form of Q's for antis, there are other parts of the truth antis don't want society to hear.

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