Friday, June 15, 2007

Nonsmokers vs, Antismokers

Some smoking activists think ALL nonsmokers are antis. But this isn't the actual case.

Nonsmokers usually respect my right to smoke, and the owners' right to allow smoking in their joints. Some nonsmokers even think owners SHOULD have the right to allow smoking inside, considering the fact the owners own the property of their respective businesses.

While there are people who may not be interested in smoking themselves, they don't mind being around smokers. Some nonsmoking dudes even find smoking ladies very attractive. I can imagine an anti gasping at those words. But it's the truth. Just because someone doesn't smoke doesn't necessarily mean he/she hates smoking. I know of one nonsmoker at a different smoking forum who made the prediction of a Tobacco Prohibition coming to America. So far, and basd on the direction major anti groups are going towards getting FDA to regulate tobacco as a drug, his prediction might be correct in the next few years.

Unfortunately, it seems like nonsmokers who respect smokers are in the minority. Nobody is interested in socializing with me in public, unless it's a bro or sis asking me for a cig. And when it comes to meeting people online, I ain't gonna lie on my smoking status. I think the pleasure of smoking outweighs making love with a nonsmoking lady.

One lady (from a dating service online) asked me: "Would you quit smoking if you fell in love with a woman who doesn't smoke?"

I simply told her NO! And with that word, she sadly stopped talking to me. I'd prefer a lady who smokes. But if the lady is a nonsmoker, I'd hope she's at least one of the few out there who doesn't mind being around smokers. I've met my share of smoke-free chicks who told me to "GET AWAY FROM ME WITH THAT CANCER STICK!" And one day, I remember talking to a nonsmoking sis on the phone, and when she learned I do smoke...the next day, she told me to "DON'T YOU EVER CALL ME AGAIN!" and hung up on me. She used expletive words though.

Thanks to anti poison-anda, it's hard to even make new friends with MOST nonsmokers. I had better luck meeting actual smoking ladies (and mature smoking ladies I might add) over the past few years. But at lest there are some nonsmokers out there with common sense, and they don't fall for the anti poison-anda.

I've shared my thoughts on antismokers several times in this blog alone. And I'd rather refrain from getting even more honest with my thoughts on antis. Since I'd be using city words in order to be real honest on them. But my "real honest thoughts" on antis is similar to my indirect thoughts I shared on smoke cops in an older post.

But I will say nicely if this world didn't have racists, antismokers, and smoke cops, the world would be a much better place to live in. Albeit taxes deserve BOOS from me as well.

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