Sunday, June 17, 2007

No smoking outside of an airport, not even while driving around

I recently heard that the major airport in Indianolis is the first airport to ban smoking outside of the airport. This has gone WAY too far! I even read online you can't even smoke in your car while driving around on the airport grounds.

Banning smoking outside of an aitport is a clear violation of smokers' personal rights. I know I never heard of people dying outside of an airport from smelling SHS. I wonder what's gonna happen to a smoker flying into Indianapolis, and he/she gets a huge ticket for smoking at an airport withnout knowing smoking is banned outside on airport grounds. I'm sure some folks don't pay attention to NO SMOKING signs. Particularly tourists from other countries visiting Indianapolis.

Traveling by plane is a pain in the butt for smokers anyway. You gotta go through security checks, and I hear these security checks are VERY long. It's not like security checking your coat upon entering a sports stadium (which only takes a few seconds). And of course, you can't smoke inside of airports or on planes themselves. Although I hear some airports have shelter-like rooms for smoking passengers. I definitely know O'Hare is a 100 percent smoke-free airport indoors. Midway is likely the same way.

I can NEVER imagine myself even visiting an airport that is smoke-free outdoors. Sounds like Indianapolis doesn't respect airline passengers' freedom of choice when it comes to smoking. This decision can't be about health. Since the SHS goes away a lot faster while smoking outdoors.

Maybe if that Indy airport experiences a significant decrease in the avg number of daily passengers, they can blame their decision (of banning smoking outside, including in cars) for that. At least smokers can take breaks outside of buses when Greyhound bus drivers take stop breaks.

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