Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inhaling SHS is the same as actual smoking?

That's another Q that deserves a "Heck no!" response from me. If inhaling SHS is the same as me actually smoking, I would've just inhaled smoke from the attendees' cigs and cigars.

But I didn't know workers need to be protected from cancer on the job. I worked around smokers myself. I know I never got lung cancer from inhaling their SHS smoke. After all, my lungs are perfectly clear according to my doctor. I'm thinking hard of some other "cancers" nonsmoking workers can get in a smokey environment, But I honestly can't think of any. I know a female worker can't get a cancer that starts with B from simply inhaling SHS.

This is where I read that comment on protecting workers from cancer. Working around smokers makes me wanna light up myself on the job. But that's more like a good thing. It would actually be better if I could enjoy cigs without taking breaks on the job.

Hey antis! How about agreeing on the number of cigs that are smoked from inhaling SHS? Some say inhaling SHS in an 8-hour period is like me smoking 10 cigs myself. Others claim it's the equivalent of smoking a whole freakin pack in 8 hours. Even I can't smoke a literal pack in 8 hours unless I spend time at home all day.

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