Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hospitality Workers

If I worked in a smoke-free bar, I'd feel depressed on that job. No customers, and then when someone DOES enter the bar, I'd be lucky to get 5 bucks as a tip.

I heard about hospitality workers who saw decreases in tips once the restaurants or bars became smoke-free. Not only did the tips go down, but the number of customers on an average basis went down. Antis don't believe in giving tips. I'm telling the truth. I served lots of nonsmoking customers on my Wrigley Field job 100s of times. Most of them like giving coins as tips. But smokers give me actual bucks as tips.

Even if I never smoked, I'd conclude smokers are friendlier hospitality customers than nonsmokers. Smokers understand how hard bar/restaurant workers work hard at their jobs. But nonsmokers? They don't give a squat on how hard I work. They just want their order and the darn change!

My thoughts go out to hospitality workers who have to get unemployment checks after their taverns were forced to close down. Working in a bar/restaurant is all some of those workers have ever done in their lives. What the hey are they supposed to do when a smoking ban makes them lose their jobs? It's tough for even myself to get hired at a place other than a ballpark.

Smoking bans DO hurt businesses. And when you ask an anti "How about opening up your OWN smoke-free bar or restaurant?" they're quiet then. Antis don't want to run their own smoke-free businesses. They just want to wipe away ALL smoker-friendly joints!

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