Saturday, June 9, 2007

Followup to smoking in cars with kids

I see an anon poster asked me on here "Would you be outraged if there was a law prohibiting a parent punching his/her kid?" It was a Q as part of a comment I rejected on here. So it likely never appeared for others' viewing.

I dunno why he/she was surprised at my attitude. I'm a smoking activist and I oppose society taking control of smokers' lives with dumb laws such as no smoking in cars. Smokers own cars. Not the governments.

It's more harmful for a kid to be in a car where the driver is speeding down the street with loud music being played. Yeah, there's a law against loud music in cars, as well as speeding. But do you think every person is obedient to every law? Those parents know what to do when the coast is clear on the streets. Light up the cigs, and pump up the volume in the car!

In response to that anon's parents punching kids Q Of course I wouldn't be outraged at a law like that. A parent punching his/her kid is a definite example of giving harm to the child. Inhaling SHS isn't harm. Millions of kids (myself included) grew up during the days when lots of parents smoked in cars. Those kids turned out to be fine adults, and their health turned out to be fine.

If inhaling smoke in a car contributes to a kid's death, it's a wonder why millions of those former kids are still living today as productive adults in society.

SHS is not deadly for anyone to inhale. If it was, people would be dropping dead on the streets from SHS inhalation. I would've dropped dead in my mother's crib as a lil boy. But if you think it sounds stupid for someone to die from inhaling SHS instantly, guess what bud? It's equally stupid to call a kid inhaling smoke in a car harmful for him/her, and will contribute to his/her death.

Here's an experiment. Put that kid (or an adult) in an enclosed room with a group of smokers for 2 hours. Put a second person in another enclosed room with a car running. Meaning the second person would be inhaling vehicle fumes for 2 hours instead.

How much do you wanna bet the only person who comes out alive from those enclosed rooms (after 2 hours) is the kid in the room with smokers? The point is even if you're in an enclosed room, you might have better luck dying from inhaling vehicle fumes than from inhaling SHS.

How come society never viewed inhaling smoke in a car as dangerous during the 20th century? But all of a freaky sudden, it's a "crime" to smoke in a car with a kid?

Nobody viewed smoking in a car with a kid as dangerous years ago because the antismoking poison-anda wasn't in full bloom back then. As far as I know, nobody tested to see if a kid wo uld actually end up getting harmed and/or suffer death from inhaling SHS in a car.

I dunno if that person who left the comment was a brainwashed smoker. Could've been, and I could care less if that was an actual anti.

I know more smoking activists need to spend more time saving the SMOKERS (underage smokers included) from the anti poison-anda those morons have left across America. That comment I read was an example of someone infected by anti poison-anda. The smokers I'm referring to are the ones who regret starting smoking, they actualy believe they're bad citizens, and they honestly believe smoking bans are good for America. THESE are the smokers that need to be saved from BS thrown by antis!

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