Sunday, June 10, 2007

Followup to a comment on my letter/replies

I see that posting of my letter (and the replies) produced an indirect comment away from this blog.

I dunno how me hinting "SHS auses no harm" and then me turning around with "I heard of some who suffered from inhaling the smoke" conflict with each other.

I can see that politician saying: "SHS doesn't cause harm? But Jay, how can you say SHS doesn't even cause harm to asthmatic people?" I know there are folks out there who can't be around SHS at all. That's why I said I heard of SOME who suffered from inhaling the smoke.

HOWEVER, the majority of nonsmokers do not have asthma. And there is no legit evidence out there that proves SHS even causes asthma. Most of the folks with asthma are eithr born with it, or something else in this world made them come down with it. I also heard of asthmatic smokers who enjoy their habit. I dunno how they do it, but those smokers are more brave than me,

If I said I heard of several nonsmokers who suffered from inhaling the smoke, that would do more than just kill my argument. It would be a lie in itself. Most nons (antis included) might think SHS stinks. But most of them don't actually suffer from inhaling it. Replacing "some" with "most" changes the whole meaning of my quote.

I wasn't joking when I said "Show me a death certificate that says SHS specifically caused this nonsmoker's death." That's my way of asking them for PROOF that SHS can cause harm that could lead to "death." If SHS can cause deaths for real (even if the deaths happen gradually instead of instantly), how come I never heard of secondhand smoke being listed as the main cause of death on a nonsmoker's certificate?

If anyone thinks I'd get pounded by antis by imlying that SHS causes no harm, and ventilation works in places, these Q's would pound those antis as my way of counter-attacking them.

1. SHS causes harm for folks in the 21st century. But it never caused harm to folks 3-5 decades ago. Can you explain what makes SHS any different from the 60's compared to SHS in the 21st century, in terms of why nobody believed SHS caused harm at all in the 60's? If a gas is harmful to inhale right now, my common sense tells me that same gas would've been harmful to inhale in the past. Essentially making SHS dangerous to inhale forever.

2. I heard you guys actually tried testing out to see how dangerous SHS is within places. But the tests I read about online showed your guys' tests FAILED to prove that "SHS is deadly to inhale and/or causes harm" theory as a fact. Can you point me to a SHS test (conducted by you guys) that PASSED?

Can't find a SHS test that passed, moron? WOW!!!! Since SHS is deadly and causes harm according to you, there MUST be a test out there that proved this dumb theory to be correct. If all of your tests fail, then you're as wrong as heck on SHS being deadly and/or causes harm.

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