Saturday, June 16, 2007

Denying smokers jobs

One of the more modern trends assosciated with antismokijng in society is employers denying a person a job (or firing the person) only because the person is a smoker. WEYCO was the first company to get into the habit of not hiring smokers. They claim not hiring smokers will save the mmoney on insurance.

I dunno how not hiring intelligent people who smoke saves the company insurance. I'd like to think obese workers and alcoholic workers would cost the employer a LOT more for their insurance. I'm guessing this insurance is one of those benefits for workers at the company.

A smoker has every darn right to make money like any other American. While it''s true a smoker needs money to suport his/her habit, that smoker still needs money for other things in life. And I can understand job ads that specifically says "Nonsmokers preferred." But some job ads do not make those words clear. And then the applicant learns the hard way smokers are not allowed when he/she either fills out an application or goes through a job interview.

One female online told me she tried to apply for work once, and she was told "Sorry. You can't work here at all if you're a smoker" during her interview. I don't understand how come her application didn't specifically say "Nonsmokers preferred?" Because I'd feel upset myself after spending time and money on filling out a job application and going through an interview...only to find out at the last minute I've been denied a job simply because of one of my choices in life. For the record, she is currently woeking at a club that doesn't discriminate against smokers.

I dunno if it's possible to actually sue an employer for not hiring you simply because of your choice to smoke. Especially ifthe job ad and the application both never made it clear "Smokers are prohibited from working at this place.": But here's a tip. If a business specifically says "Smokers are welcome" on the door/windowm there's a good bet that smokers will likely get hired as workers.

My dream job is actually more like working for a tobacco company, or at a smoke shop. I might as well take a "dream job" that's assosciated with my habit. Otherwise, I wouldn't enjoy going outside to smoke (and walk far away for smoking, in the case of hospital jobs). Making it convient for me to smoke on breaks is more important than making money on a job. Too bad more places don't have smoking shelters outside.

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