Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Confirmation of my letter

My definition of short-term success for a business (once a smoking ban begins) is that time period when the local media is in a business within the first few days. Where they interview folks, give the owners money, and they want antis to say "See? This ban is working already!"

It's working already because you're giving the business actual money support, albeit for just one day.

But when the media leaves the business, that's when the antis leave the business, and they never go back to the business to help give the owner support!

The only mistake I see in that letter I wrote is using "several" weeks instead of "few" weeks. I can see several weeks implying that it takes a few months for a ban to hurt businesses, and "few" would've been a more accurate word. Because even I know it doesn't take months for a ban to hurt businesses. It takes a few days or a few weeks. A few weeks to me would be like 2-3 weeks, which is less than a month.

And a lot of businesses who don't get media attention on the ban's first day don't have that convience of a "short-term" success of antis visiting and supporting the business for just one day. Those owners of the smaller businesses start suffering as soon as the first day of the ban.

The editor herself is the one that is really misinformed. Her opinion of "Smoking bans don't hurt businesses in all places with the actual smoking bans" is based on her likely visiting just ONE business in Arizona. I guess the AZ ban doesn't hurt that business you visit every day, since you keep spending lots of money in there. But did you bother visiting OTHER Arizona taverns/restaurants regularly?

Just because one business is doing "well" doesn't mean the other businesses are succeeding too. That one businesses is doing well because you keep supporting it, silly! Where would those workers be without your regular support? They would be collecting unemployment checks. For their sake, I hope you allow them to stay in business by going back there with money 7 days a week.

It's also stupid to assume that all businesses in the world ain't suffering with smoking bans. You need to surf the net and read articles about businesses closing down within a few days (let alone a few weeks) of a new smoking ban. I can guarantee you it will take less than a month for EVERY business to start seeing negative changes once a ban goes into effect. Small businesses will see those effects immediately. Since antis and the media don't find anything good about visiting a small tavern even for just one day.

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