Monday, June 11, 2007

Comments on possible FDA tobacco regulation

Major anti groups, as well as politicans, have proposed the idea of the FDA regulating tobacco in the USA. Aside from regulating the amount of nic in cigs, the major groups want to see graphical images of a smoker's body on the packs (these pics are already on Canadian packs). And they want to ban the type of cig ads that target kids. They feel the Camel No. 9's ad is a prime example of Big Tobacco trying to atract kids to smoking.

The FDA oughta make it illegal for Big Tobacco to add anything to cigs aside from nic. If cigs had just nic in it (as is the case with those who smoke RYO cigs), they would become a lil bit more safer and more enjoyable to smoke. Since the premade cigs would become 100 percent-tobacco cigs. The news said years ago the nic alone in cigs have NO risks assosciated with it. And if all-natural cigs existed, I bet more kids AND adults would start smoking.

Of course, antis don't want to have more smokers by making premade cigs all naturals. So instead of banning additives, they want the FDA to force Big Tobacco to make cigs with lower amounts of nic. Hello?? Didn't I just say if premade cigs had nothing but nic in it, there would be no risks assosicated with smoking cigs? A lot of sites that focus on RYO/MYO cigs even confirmed this point on cigs being better with just nic and no additives.

If you make cigs with lower amounts of nic, that is gonna force smokers to buy more cigs and spend more on cigs. And smoking would become less enjoyable for me. Since I've essentially been smoking strong cigs my whole life. I know how a cig with lowered amounts of nic feels. Lights ain't for me. I can hardly feel smoke on inhales from a light compared to the type of cigs I love. At least menthol lights have that nice mint flavor on inhales.

No offense to smokers who actually enjoy smoking Lights. I know Marlboro Lights is a popular brand for one group of smokers. Just like with Newports being a popular brand for us.

FDA regulation would make bootleggers of cigs find ways to ADD nic to cigs. Adding nic yourself sounds dangerous. While nic alone poses no health risks, too much nic in a cig is dangerous in terms of causing a possible death (I guess like more than 3 mg of nic is dangerous...since classical premades never had more than that nic amount in the 60s and 70s).

I remember a guy who actually ate a cig. He ended up killing himself from eating the cig. This old article pointed out an unlit cig actually has a LOT more nic in it, compared to when the cig is actually smoked. I guess when the cig is lit, some of that nic in the cig goes up in smoke with the burning tobacco.

I know if tobacco ever becomes illegal, there are those of us smokers who will NEVER stop. Those smokers will find ways to get cigs and/or their own tobacco in illegal fashion. Some smokers might even grow their own tobacco. But I can't confirm the legality of growing your own tobacco....I just heard of the idea before.

Underground cig sales is already happening in my town. It will happen in all 50 states (but to different extents in each state) with a Tobacco Prohibition.

As far as images on packs go, I wouldn't mind seeing black lungs on a pack. I wonder if I was actually born with "black lungs." LOL!!! But seriously, if you think seeing images on a pack will scare me, you gotta be joking. I'll just ignore those rated PG images on packs. I have seen images worse than a smoker's lungs...and the funny part is I saw those worse images in the streets rather than in a hospital.

The only thought I have on cig ads targeting kids is if a kid really wants to smoke, he/she can ask mom, a sibling, a friend, or a smoker in the streets for a cig. That kid can even buy a pack from a bootlegger. Cig ads have lil influence on a kid's decision to start smoking.

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