Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Civil Disobedience

I guess my first post dealing with a smoking topic is probably my favorite topic related with fighting back against smoking bans. And that's civil disobedience.

I've disregarded No Smoking signs before, and so have others. Antis might argue someone like me disregards the signs because of my addiction to smoking. Oh sure....I'm soooo addicted, I can't smoke outside. Gimme a break! If it's nice outside, I'll smoke outside. But if it's 20 degrees below zero with the wind chill, I'm NOT smoking outside under any circumstances!

Antis don't mind smoke-free buildings. But they don't give a squat about the chances of bitterly cold weather killing me as I simply smoke on a wintry day or night (or in a blizzard). Yeah, I know I can't die from cold weather because of my age. But I actually heard about elderly smokers dying while smoking in cold weather at these Canadian nursing homes.

Believe it or not, there are ways for smokers and owners to engage in civil disobedience in a peaceful manner.

-Owners can set up donation buckets for their businesses. The owner uses these "donations" from customers to help pay the fines for allowing smoking inside.

-Smokers can make a statement by smoking outside as a group. But outside of like within 10 feet (instead of 15 feet) of an entrance. The risk here is every smoker engaging in this law-breaking will get ticketed. It's a risk, but a ticket is worth it. However, I'd find it very hard for smoke cops to pass out tickets to say 20 smokers outside of a building.

Some of these fines for allowing smoking (or a smoker getting caught) are crazy. 500 bucks? If 250 smokers visit a tavern in one week and donates 2 bucks each, that's $500 right there.

Civil disobedience is similar to the first Prohibition America had. People did whatever they could to get booze. Likewise, smokers will do whatever they can to stay safe while smoking, and owners will be glad to pay fines in order to STAY in business.

If an anti thinks smoking outside in cold weather is no big deal, I'd like to see how that moron reacts when I say "Take that booze and drink it outside in the snow! I don't give a care on how cold it is out there! You need a taste of your own medicine, sick dude!"

Civil disobedience is all about smokers and owners showing hatred for governments telling smokers where they can light up at and hatred for governments telling owners how to run their businesses.

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