Sunday, June 24, 2007

CA is worse than I thought

When I think of CA, I think of that state as the worst state in the country for smokers with of course the indoor/outdoor smoking bans. But what amazes me about that state is one city called Belmont. Where people have the legal right to terorize smokers. I recently heard of another CA town where folks get paid for turning in smokers to I guess the town's police.

If anyone ever thought of turning me in at that CA town, I'd "pay" that freaked-up nonsmoker all right. I'd pay the loser so good, I might have to flee away before others try asking me for big bucks. LOL!!! I wonder if I have the legal right to turn in intoxicated dudes off of the streets. Since turning in alcoholics makes a REAL difference in making the streets safer. You're not making the streets any safer by turning in innocent smokers.

I'll make sure I never even place a toe in CA. I wonder what that antismoking state would be like if it was in the northern US, where winters are snowy and cold as heck. The effects of an IL state ban would be a lot worse. While it's true some brainwashed smokers won't mind smoking in cold weather, I can actually see a lot of ciil disobedience going on within IL once 2008 comes.

The antis in CA are sick. If folks in Belmont, CA have the legal right to terrorize smokers (beat up the smokers, and even kill them), I hope I have the legal right to give those mothas a taste of their own medicine. Antis think all smokers are weak and will accept abuse from folks who hate smoking. Brainwashed smokers may be like that, but I'm not. I bet even a brainwashed smoking brotha would beat the living crap out of a CA anti trying to terrorize him.

And yes, smokers are innocent folks. They ain't doing anything wrong by smoking a legal product, let alone buy tobacco online. I wouldn't compare buying cigs online (MYO products included) to smuggling in the other leaf.

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