Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Antismokers are the worst fanatics on planet Earth

I never wrote a post on here about antis specifically. But after hearing about ASH in Ireland trying to start removing cigs and tobacco from the index used for measuring inflation, I'm convinced these fanatics are the worst ones on planet Earth. They make up lies on smoking, they make up excuses when one of their claims is proven to be a lie (or one of their own tests flunks), They treat smokers as trashy citizens, and the average IQ level of an anti has to be like -50 at times.

I love an anti who says "I don't care if you smoke. Just don't smoke around me." Here's a piece of friendly advice, you big baby. Don't STAND around me if you don't like smelling smoke. Or I might be inclined to blow smoke in your face intentionally. I ain't doing anything wrong by smoking near you. YOU walked towards me, moron.

That comment is like someone telling me "I don't care about how you look. Just don't sit next to me on the train." You claim you respect me for who I am and my pride. But you don't want me sitting next to you on a train? I ain't doing anything wrong by sitting next to you. Especially since you don't mind us, according to YOUR words.

But getting back to this Ireland article on ASH wanting tobacco and cigs taken off of the index.

Taking tobacco and cigs off of an index is another way for them to make tobacco look as evil as possible. I guess there was some positiveness going on with the tobacco being in the index.
Antis claim removing cigs from the index will allow the Ireland govt to hike up prices and discourage people from smoking without driving up inflation. And they think this is a benefit assosciated with removing it from the index? Puh-leeze! I seriously doubt people will get discouraged to smoke whenever these low life fanatics do sheet ANYWHERE in this world!

Someone asked "When will this anti craziness end?" Simply put, it will end when smoking activists shove the truth (on smoking bans and the blown-up cons of smoking) down antis' throats. The truth shall hopefully set society free from anti madness.

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