Thursday, June 28, 2007

Antis are not racists, but they are similar with racists

After I read about this neighbor who kept banging on a smoker's front door (so the neighbor can complain to the smoker about the cig smoke affecting the non's daughter's health), I'm not apologizing for what that reminds me of. That reminds me of someone else similar to an anti banging on my door as a way for me to come out and face the music so to speak.

Both groups are similar. The only difference is one group is against my ethnicity. The other group is against my lifestyle choices (that being the choice of smoking).

Both groups like terrorizing the "folks" they hate. Banging on a smoker's door to just complain about smoke coming from out of the smoker's house is terrorism in my books. And not to mention very immature. Because if that non breaks my door window (if he's banging a screen door) he better pay for the new window.

Both groups can care less about the feelings of the folks they hate. Smokers are not allowed in hospitality businesses in places with smoking bans. I mean after all, I read several times about smokers simply lighting up in a tavern, and the smoker is kindly asked to leave in order to avoid trouble with the owner...or avoid a 911 call from someone with a phone. Some of those smokers refused to leave. And sheet broke out as a result. That treatment smokers receive remind me of the pre-Civil Rights era.

If it was up to me, I'd make antis AND racists disappear with a magic wand. And there are so many similarities between both groups, it ain't funny. I will apologize if anyone thinks I'm crossing the line with putting antis and racists in the same boat. But I wouldn't be making that true comment on smokers receiving treatment "we" used to get a lot if I wasn't born as the person that I am (ethnicity-wise).

And unlike that treatment we used to get, the 2nd class treatment smokers get is gonna get worse and worse if smokers don't stand up for their rights offline. It's like history being repeated....with smkers getting the 2nd class treatment this time.

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