Monday, December 31, 2007

A classic antismoking quote.

The following quote is a citation from this linked page.

A related article to this page (on Marriott having all smoke-free) can be found by CLICKING THIS.

Terri says:

"Hell Yes, the smoking ban is a good idea. I am sick and tired of having to deal w/other people's bad and filthy habits. I think all smokers should be moved to their own filthy ashtray planet."

Well Terri, it's a wonder why you never decided to stay in a non-smoking hotel room. I read that Marriott is spending more money on the maintenance of all of those non-smoking rooms, and all of those non-smoking rooms are not filled up at the Mariotti hotels.

You think I deserve to be on anotha planet? I pay a lot of taxes as an American. If I'm gonna pay taxes I'm gonna smoke. Whetha you like it or not!

You sound like a lil girl in your quote instead of a mature woman. And you sound like you need some professional help. You also sound like you want trouble. Because I'd shove you to the ground as hard as I could if you think I belong on my own filthy planet. I got two words for you "ma'am." GROW UP!

This is a classic example of an anti I can not simply ignore if I ran into her in public.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

There used to be tons of wealthy ppl living in the USA?

I'm sure a lotta wealthy people lived in America in the old days. Those people were so wealthy back then, they thought they had higher power over poor "colored people" in those days.

In modern times, it's the politicians who are wealthy off of smokers' money. Those politicians think they're so wealthy, they have the right to treat smokers as MONEY slaves and abuse smokers' income. Never mind the fact the politicians believe in forcing every place to become smoke-free. So they take the smokers' money...but they don't want poor folks smoking in places. I heard in some countries with smoking bans, the politicians can still smoke in their offices. If there's a smoking ban, the rich gotta follow the rules like everyone else.

But I guess as long as you're wealthy, you're free to do whatever you want since the poor can't do anything in their eyes.

Well one group of "poor" people found a way to end the classical version of slavery in America. Some of them even lost their lives in exchange for earning freedom for Africans living in the US. I wouldn't be living here myself if it wasn't for them.

It would be nice to see another group of poor people (that being smokers) to end the modern slavery in America. I hope it won't take decades to bring down anti poisonanda though.

Some folks love to gasp when they see me light up a cig. I guess it's a crime for someone as nice-looking as me to be smoking? Or maybe they never saw a "colored" person smoke in their whole lives....LOL!!

I hope they'll be gasping again at seeing a large group of smokers challenge the validity of a slave-like smoking ban. Who said smokers are weak and not smart in fighting back?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 is almost here

I dunno what the new year will bring. But if you like smoking cigars on New Years, I hope you have a good time smoking that stogie outdoors.

If you're a cig smoker in IL, I'd recommend smoking eitha cigars or making your own cigs. I am NEVA smoking a fire-safe cig again. But I neva bought my cigs in IL during 2007 anyway.

It's cruel to expect me to pay a lotta of money for 20 cigs that taste like sheet as fire-safes. ANd then on top of that, I can't even smoke inside of places anymore.

Some IL smokers are thinking of moving outta state. Although I gave advice like that myself (and although I can't move outta state), I say "Go for it if you wanna move."

If you smoke, you're not welcome in IL anymore. But that doesn't mean IL will neva revoke the state ban eitha. As someone said once, if we can get a large group of smokers and owners from otha states with smoking bans...then we might have a good chance of revoking the IL state ban down the line.

I like posting in here because I like to write. And I can be myself in here. It's a lil bit easier to post in here since I don't have to worry about watching my mouth.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Smoking is a beauty

To me, smoking cigs in a room inside is like me spending time with a woman in there. I don't like being disturbed when it's just me and my menthols. Especially if I'm watching smoking women on my computer.

I think how deep I inhale drags on a cig tells me how much I enjoy the cig. Because it seems like now when I smoke other menthols, they taste good. But I hold my inhales more when smoking Newports. Even though I'm a menthol lover, I can't turn down a cig offer from a lady who happens to smoke regulars.

If menthols neva existed, I wouldn't be smoking cigs at all. Because I was always interested in smoking menthols. I do remember smoking MLs a few times in the beginning. But when I really wanted to become a smoker, buying a Newport pack was the only thang on my mind.

Yeah, I know menthols are more dangerous to smoke (You can't scare me with that sheet!), and I read those BS articles before about smokers of my heritage having a betta chance of getting lung cancer since I supposedly inhale deepa than a smoker of regulars.

But I know we all live once. So it's betta to pull out a cig, flick your lighta, and enjoy life! That advice applies to ALL smokers.

My advice for antismokers is to take a chill pill. While you're so concerned about seeing people smoke in a Chicago tavern next year, maybe it's gonna take a bro (or sista for that matta) coming outta nowhere to give you a friendly reminder about more important issues in life than smoking. I bet seeing those tavern smokers would be the last thang on your mind if you felt a weapon on your body.

Of course, if you happen to be smoking in the streets, that bro/sis might be friendly with you if you offa him/her a cig or a light. It's just unfortunate I can still see more female smokers getting approached like that if the females are smoking while alone outside. And no I don't mean a dude coming up to a chick and asking her for a cig or a light.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seniors/disabled ones who are smokers have rights too

Senior smokers is one topic I neva brought up before in my blog. I can connect to these longtime smokers in one way. I'm a smoker with a disability myself. And I plan on smoking for 50-60 years too if I end up living a long life. Because I am not gonna quit an enjoyable habit that gives me a heavenly feeling.

Smoking bans not only hurt businesses, but smoking bans kill innocent people who have smoked for 40-60 years too. Because this ban will force senior smokers to smoke outside even if it's 10 degrees. And even I know smokers of that nature can't be outside in dangerous conditions like that.

And then there's the issue of those smokers having problems walking around. How can a senior smoker walk 15 feet away from a door when it's gonna take a long time for him/her to reach the "15 feet mark?" I hope those seniors don't injure themselves while trying to move around outside and find a place to smoke.

Seniors and disabled ones deserve a break when it comes to smoking bans. I don't like smoking in the cold myself. I may not be someone who has smoked for 50 years or more. But with cerebral palsy, it's tough for even me to walk around outside in snow and nice without injuring myself.

You certainly don't have to be a smoker for 50+ years in order to understand the stupidity, and freedom violations behind smoking bans. You just need some common sense to understand the truth behind smoking bans.

Do you think workers in a nursing home would care if a senior smoker died while smoking in dangerous weather? NO WAY! But they WOULD care if that senior smoker's family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home for that death caused by a smoking ban.

Actually, I'd sue Blago too if I had someone in my family who died while smoking outside of a nursing home from the weather. Since he signed the freakin bill.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I saw a state ban commercial

I saw it on TV today. A Chicago Blackhawk player reminding everyone that IL will be smoke-free as of January 1. And for more info go to (sponsored by the ACS)

I wish they can take that stupid commercial off of the TV! I don't need any more reminders about the IL state ban.

As long as packs are 8-10 bucks in Chicago, you are not gonna see an increase of ADULT smokers in Chicago. The state might be a different story since packs ain't 8-10 bucks throughout the whole state.

I wouldn't be surprised at an increase of underage smoking though. Although fire-safe cigs being sold in IL might help cut that down as well. I doubt a teen is interested in smoking a cig with more chemicals in it.

If more people start smoking in Illinois among those who are 18 or older, that would be news to me. Since Illinois sells fire safe cigs.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I smoke. So deal with it!

I hope all readers of my blog have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For any antis reading my blog, I'll be nice in saying I sincerely hope you realize there are MORE important issues in this world instead of "deadly SHS" and "smokers who stink." While you spend all of your time trying to wipe tobacco off of planet Earth, don't forget about helping out otha people. Especially those who find it hard to make even one buck in this world.

I saw a cool shirt the otha day in a smoke shop. It said "I smoke. So F'king deal with it!"

Here's a warning I read on another shirt.

"WARNING: Harassing smokers can be dangerous to your health."

I couldn't agree more on both of those. If you don't like me being a smoker, please get out of my face (to put it nicely). Because harassing me for my right to smoke can be dangerous indeed. I saw it for myself one time in 2005 when this punky-A motha approached some smokers outside. I definitely remember him saying "It's illegal for you guys to be smoking cigs!"

And afta the two teen brothas tried asking him to leave them alone a few times, the requests led to cussing, and then it led to that lowlife person getting bullied BIG TIME!

I can only laugh at the idea of smokers being weak. But I know seeing kids smoking in the streets and apporaching them is a dumb idea. Especially if it's in an area of the town with nobody walking around to see what's going on.

Fire-safe cigarettes

Fire-safe cigarettes are cigarettes that go out on their own as you smoke them. And you gotta kep relighting them when they DO go out. And sometimes fire-safes do NOT go out on their own...they keep on burning in the ashtrays.

The taste of fire-safe cigs makes me wanna puke sometimes. A normal cig tastes MUCH betta than fire-safes.

I haven't heard much on the fire-safes being sold in IL during 2007. I guess that means most of the IL smokers in these groups buy their smokes somewhere else...including myself. :)

I notice a Newport pack in Indiana is now $4.69. Hard to believe a pack of my brand was only 3 bucks in Indiana a year ago. Well, even with their price increase, $4.90 is still cheaper than 8 bucks in Chicago...actually 10 BUCKS in Chicago if the proposed fed cig tax increase is approved.

If you expect me to pay 10 freakin bucks for a pack of fire safe cigs in Illinois, you must think you talking to a smoker in his teens. I can get a better deal for smokes in the streets with a 10-buck bill if I went that route.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another article in relation to the upcoming IL state ban

This is an article worth sharing as a blog post. I ain't gonna comment on it. Because I've commented on my views of the upcoming state ban millions of times in here. 2008 will be a lot similar to how I would've been treated if I lived in the 50s and 60s. But this time it's smokers getting treated like folks who don't deserve to live in America of the 21st century.

I don't mind saying that 1 million times if I have to. At least some smokers online are starting to realize that smokers are indeed the 21st century version of Blacks living in the US.

Illinois, Chicago prepare to go smoke free
Wednesday, December 19, 2007 | 5:48 PM

Chicago and the entire state of Illinois are less than two weeks away from going smoke-free in all public places.

There are questions about how the city and state plan to enforce that new ban. The smoking ban goes into effect on January 1.

Restaurants, bars and other businesses are preparing for the switch as concern remains over how it will impact the bottom line. Illinois will join 21 other states that are smoke free. New Year's Eve means lights out.
Harry Caray's at Dearborn and Kinzie has changed with the times. Years ago, only 10 percent of the restaurant was nonsmoking. Now, due to customers' requests, the entire restaurant is nonsmoking. And in compliance with a city ordinance, the only place where smoking is allowed is at the bar. "I haven't found anyone who doesn't think this is a good thing now. The customers are happy. I know a lot of customers have already anticipated this and quit smoking just so they won't even think about it," said Grant DePorter, Harry Caray's Restaurant Group.

The much-debated law means smoking in all public places and places of employment becomes illegal in the new year. Smokers and businesses violating the law could face fines. State legislators won't hammer out details of the law until January 9. "There's some clarity the rules will help with. But as far as the impact on the law and the general public, there won't be any. The law will be effective as the legislature and the governor decided," said Michael Mark, American Lung Association.

The American Lung Association of Illinois Greater Chicago supports the law in hopes of improving the health of Illinoisans. "If you follow the manufacturer' s suggested directions on how to use their product, the only product in the world designed to kill you," said Mark. Back at Harry Caray's, the law is met with varied reaction. "The legislature has struck the right balance by favoring nonsmokers and employees of establishments where smoking otherwise would occur," said nonsmoker John Jacoby. "Indiana is about 10 to 20 miles over the border. And I'm a regular casino visitor. And they're going to be getting almost all my business after January 1," said smoker Paul Gleeson. "And I'm hoping to quit anyway, probably going to be good for me. I hate going home with smoky hair. So I'm not too bothered by it. I've lived in California for a long time, so I was used to it," said smoker Erin Walsh.

The city of Chicago is working on its enforcement of the new law, deciding on whether or not there will be a grace period or if starting at 12 a.m. on January 1, bars and smokers will be held accountable. There could be areas designated for smoking. For instance, if there is an establishment that has an outdoor area. If they are 15 feet from the entrance, there could be a smoking area.

(Copyright ©2007 WLS-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Being a smoker then and being a smoker now

When I was little, I saw cigarette ads on outdoor billboards and in tons of mags for all audiences. Who can forget the days when there was a cig ad on the back cover of every mag out there? I even think I saw more adult brothas/adult sistas smoking back in the 80s.

I rememba seeing cig vending machines not just in restaurants, but even in places like Dunkin Donuts! If I had money and was old enough to understand how to put money into it, I would've been able to buy a Newport pack easy as heck.

Those were also the days when you could smoke in ballpark seats, and a pack of cigs was nearly the same price for a box of Little Debbie cakes. Smoking was allowed on airplanes in the early 80s.

Oh, I can't forget the days when ALL fast food joints were crowded in Chicago! You could smoke in ANY area of a fast food restaurant, and you would've been lucky to find a seat at all.

Now, we live in a time where it's tough to find even one cig ad in a mag (they ain't on the back covers anymore), you can't even smoke in the concourse area of ballparks, cig vending machines are only in adult-only places now, and restaurants are HARDLY crowded on a regular basis now! A homeless person could practically LIVE in those empty McDonald's in downtown Chicago!

I wonder if cig vending machines are banned altogetha, since you can't even smoke in a Chicago tavern within the next 2 weeks.

Times have changed for smokers. I don't need to mention those people in the streets with their fake coughs, and hand waving, and the BS pack prices.

My desire is to bring back the gold old days of smoking. But in order for that to happen, we need to have court cases related with smoking issues, and see some folks challenge the numerous claims from antis (challenge in court I mean). As long as smokers don't challenge the antis to a fight, smokers nationwide (and not just in IL) will NOT get their rights back.

I mean challenge antis to prove those lies in a LEGAL fight. Although a literal fight with an anti is one fantasy I have....

I wish I could make packs cheap again with a magic wand. Cheaper prices would help cut down on the number of folks bumming cigs from othas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Petition for IL Smokers

If you're a smoker from Illinois, please read and sign this petition I found online!

The petition is a letter to the ACS.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A rare legit Q from a forum poisoned with antismokers

This is a rare post from someone who asked a valid, respectable Q on another forum:

"Now Jay,
Civil disobedience means being civil, right? "

Nope. Civil disobedience is when smokers and owners ignore a smoking ban. You know of owners who simply let their customers smoker.

And when someone is smoking on a Chicago beach, that's civil disobedience too. Since the smokers are violating the ban. You can learn more on civil disobedience in the different smokers rights forums/groups out there.

The description you gave (in your Q) is an American who is obedient instead of DIS-obedient.

Civil disobedience can even include 11-16 year-old Black kids who get away with buying packs with a fake ID. Afta all, they're getting away with breaking anotha smoking law that says you can't buy tobacco if you're under 18.

Civil disobedience in my eyes is the breaking of laws that sound age limits on buying tobacco (these neva existed when I was a lil boy..I could've bought Newports from a vending machine at Dunkin Donuts back then If I had money!), and the smoking bans.

And basically speaking, I guess you can argue when someone breaks ANY law, that person is disobedient period. I've seen several laws being broken during my life in Chicago that goes beyond underage smoking, breaking smoking bans, and those who steal. The only thang I haven't seen yet is a teen driving a motorcycle.

What are some otha thangs I've seen people do illegally in Chicago? I'd ratha not answer that because it's off-topic for my blog. So I guess you'll have to find out for yourself by visiting certain areas of Chicago.

Poll added

I see I can add more permanent polls on here. Instead of adding polls as messages.

The first poll I attempted to post is on the bottom of this page.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Those antis oughta try sucking lollipops

I actually enjoyed debating with antis over there at the Trib forum. When antis online can't come up with evidence to back up their opinions (or facts as they like to call em) they just leave.

That sure is a mature way to end a smoking debate...when you can't produce proof, just leave the "self-righteous" smokers alone. I'd be ROFL if I was imagining us having an offline debate.

The funniest insult I read on there is how "Smokers think they have a right to suck on their cigarettes around those who hate it. They just need something to suck eh? Just quit and suck on lollipops."

I can't suck on lollipops. These can't produce smoke of any type. Some people who quit smoking cigs switch to smoking "something else" instead. If these antis think I should quit, I'd still have a desire to smoke something else. I love the feeling of smoke inside of me!

But tobacco is better for me to smoke compared to that other leaf. I think I'd rather smoke a cigar instead if I DID give antis their wish. LOL

But I don't believe in giving any groups what they want. I do what's best for ME. Not them.

A post for smokers in Illinois

This is a post originally made in my group (I mean SHARED with the group), and I'm sharing it in here for any IL Smokers who reads my blog but are not members of my group. I know of at least 2 IL smokers who drop from time to time in here but they're not in the groups.


The Illinois General Assembly's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules will not vote on proposed rules for the statewide smoking ban until Jan. 9. Anybody want start some line of communication with this committee?

Here is there Charter: http://www.ilga. gov/commission/ jcar/

This is a list of contacts: http://www.ilga. gov/commission/ jcar/member. pdf

As a last ditch effort, I am going to call each one of the reps.

At a minimum, I will email and snail mail the Federal ruling from Austin, Texas. Do you think its possible that these elected officials might understant the the enforcement aspects of the new law are "Constitutionally Vague"?
I'm guessing they aren't concerned about it being constitutionally vague, just vague. It wouldn't hurt to make a case for constitutional problems though. I will also be sending them my case.
Here's an interesting statement by committee member Fritchie:
The efficient thing to do would be to send a "trailer bill" through the legislature to clean up the language, Fritchey said, but there is a concern that "when you open the door a bit, you have a number of folks that would try to kick it all the way open."
Yeah, like us folks! Article below...

Published on: Thursday, December 13, 2007
Illinois smoking ban goes into effect Jan. 1


SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois General Assembly's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules will not vote on proposed rules for the statewide smoking ban until Jan. 9, but the law will go into effect as written Jan. 1.

"The law supercedes the rules," Kimberly Parker, a state Department of Public Health spokeswoman, said Wednesday. "The law goes into effect as announced."

JCAR consists of 12 senators and representatives from both parties. It reviews rules made by state agencies and can make suggestions, object to and prohibit rules from taking effect, according to its Web site.

But Gov. Rod Blagojevich, in a recent controversial decision related to his desire to expand state health-care coverage, decided that JCAR has no power to block administration actions.

Rebecca Rausch, a spokeswoman for the governor, did not return a phone call seeking comment.

The specifics of the smoking ban were turned over to JCAR in late November, so it has until Jan. 9 to approve them. JCAR and the administration could agree to an extension of that deadline. Jan. 9 also is the next day the panel will meet in Springfield.

Rep. John Fritchey, D-Chicago, said JCAR's delay in voting on the rules is because questions remain about the best way to enforce the law.

"There's stuff statutorily that should be in there that's not," said Fritchey, a member of JCAR. "There's a strong concern that the implementation of the act follows the intent of the legislation and does no more or no less."

Among the questions that still need to be answered is whether State Police should enforce the ban, how people can contest citations they receive, whether facilities where smoking research is conducted should be exempt, and how to interpret the part of the law banning smoking within 15 feet of entrances.

For example, Fritchey said, does a business get ticketed if a person waiting to cross the street in a rain shower is standing under a canopy smoking?

"There's a gray zone. I don't believe anybody intended for a private business to be liable for the actions of a private citizen who's not a patron," said Fritchey, who voted for the bill. "One would always hope common sense rules the day. But history has shown we need direction for those who show less common sense than others."

There also is no provision for fines to be contested under the state law, a concern brought up by local health officials at a recent meeting to discuss the law.

Springfield and the unincorporated parts of Sangamon County do have a hearing process under their local smoking bans.

The efficient thing to do would be to send a "trailer bill" through the legislature to clean up the language, Fritchey said, but there is a concern that "when you open the door a bit, you have a number of folks that would try to kick it all the way open."

Another potential problem is that there does not appear to be an exemption for tobacco research being done at Northwestern University in Chicago, said Sen. Maggie Crotty, D-Oak Forest.

"I think a lot of these things can be worked out," Crotty said.

In the meantime, Fritchey said, the law as written should be enforced starting Jan. 1.

The statewide ban affects all indoor workplaces and spaces open to the public. The only exceptions are for private homes not used for adult day care, child care or health care; private vehicles; private nursing home rooms; retail tobacco stores; and designated hotel and motel rooms.

That list of Ohio businesses ignoring the Ohio ban is a cool list

Thanks to D-Nuggets for leaving that link to Ohio businesses ignoring the Ohio ban in here as a comment.

Here's a direct link
since I don't think that URL he left is clickable.

If that's a preview of what is gonna come for IL, I agree. I might even have a grin on my face if I run into a site during 2008 with a list of IL businesses ignoring the state ban.

Someone on the Trib forum recommended using tobacco licenses. That is a good idea to me. In order to allow smoking in an adult-only joint, the owner needs a tobacco license.

Even if that idea happens for real on businesses obtaining liquor licenses, an anti still has every darn right to open up a voluntary smoke-free tavern or restaurant with a bar. But antis don't want to open up their own smoke-free places. Thy want to control the current businesses themselves.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why IL politicians don't care abotu a solution

If the state makes 2 billion bucks/day off of cig sales, why would IL politicians care about a "solution [to making both sides happy on the smoking ban issue]?" As long as tobacco never gets illegal to them, money talks with those losers living the high life off of smokers' money.

I actually would like to see tobacco sales get banned. So the state of IL can be forced to pour hefty taxes on fast food, junk food, and add even more liquor taxes. They could make 4 billion bucks/day off of fast food lovers.

I'm sure folks on [that Trib forum] would call that idea unfair on making tobacco illegal but taxing fast food by a lot. It sounds fair to me. It would allow you to see how unconstitutional it is to tax one group of people heavily.

And if tobacco actually did get banned or if every person didn't smoke in IL, where are those politicians gonna get 2 billion bucks/day then? That moolah wouldn't come from cig sales! Because cigs would be illegal, remember?

Just think about it....if someone asked me for a solution to the smoking ban matter...but I collect my billions of bucks from cig sales for the day, I'd probably say "F the ban! As long as you keep smoking I will be rich FOREVER!" I bet that's the IL politiicans' attitudes for real!

Laws are still broken and that will always happen

One of those antis mentioned how Blacks eating in a restaurant is a boon. Yeah, that's a benefit for Blacks. You got a darn problem with me eating in a restaurant?

That law which allows me to eat in a USA restaurant doesn't mean prejudice against Blacks is gone. Do you think a law protecting me means the days of hate crimes are over? Far from it! I know what would happen to THAT anti if he stepped into a rough hood full of Blacks. And the KKK still exists even though there's a law protecting me (or SUPPOSEDLY protecting me).

Same thang applies to a smoking ban law. Just because we have a smoking ban doesn't mean you will see no more smokers in IL. You will see smokers AND owners breaking that law. And will there be violence assosciated with that breaking of a smoking ban? Heck yea, when we have cop raids!

I got every darn right to eat in ANY restaurant since "American" is part of my label. But if I can't smoke in there, that violates my otha right as an right to smoke in places. And I will always keep saying if antis hate smelling smoke in places, don't GO to the place "holes."

A lotta thangs are illegal, antismokers!

I am appalled at one antismoker on that Trib forum..I basically said if the govt wants to protect me, they could ban guns for starters. Afta all, if guns neva existed, even my good side would agree there would be a significant drop in crimes and fewer deaths.

This sad person tells me I'm stupid because shooting someone is illegal.

No duh, "sir!" Just because shooting someone is illegal doesn't mean people will neva die from gun shots. Heck, people getting shot to death in Chicago happens a lot. And the gun shooters neva get caught since they know how to avoid authorities.

It's illegal for a kid to own a gun. But kids own em anyway in some areas of Chicago.

Heck, a lotta stuff in this world is illegal it ain't funny. Doesn't mean nobody neva engages into those illegal activities.

But the funny thang is cigarettes are legal! And antis wanna make smoking cigs sound like smoking weed!

Don't think that since you neva smoke, you will live forever. We all live and die, and not smoking doesn't guarantee a long life. I heard of lots of folks younger than me who died before 25 and they neva smoked a cig in their lives! Death can hit us at any given time.

I sincerely hope that an anti will neva get in the way of a bullet's path or becomes a crime target. Because tragic thangs can happen to an anti at any time. But I wouldn't feel sorry at all for an anti's family if he/she died. This world is betta off without fascists.

If that's rude, I'm soooo sorry. But one of my freedoms is speech as an American. If you don't like hearing my speech, please leave my blog. I won't feel hurt with my feelings at all if you can't stand hearing from a smoker who's prosmoking all the way.

There are lots of prosmokers out there. They just haven't seen the world of smoking activists.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A chart of business that HAVE suffered with smoking bans

I'm sure a lot of people who have been active in the smoking fight for years have seen this LINKED CHART already.

But this is a FYI post for any anti babies lurking on my blog. Smoking bans don't hurt businesses my foot!

As some say "Read it and weep." Or as I'd say, "Any last words?"

Smokers are not the only ones who are against smoking bans

I've heard of a few nonsmoking tavern owners who hate smoking bans. One tavern owner in Chicago had nothing against a group of smokers lighting up in the pool room of his tavern. He even hinted to me "I don't give a squat about what the city of Chicago thinks."

I bet when 2008 starts, a long list of tavern owners will show their displeasure of losing customers and money. Never mind nonsmokers who believe smoking is a right.

Chicago antis in that article's comments area seem to think smoking bans don't hurt businesses. Well honey, you will be in for a rude awakening when we hear how much Chicago businesses lost afta 2008 is over. I'll predict something like a total of 100 million bucks lost within the first few months. Even the casinos in Joilet will lose money.

That sounds like a fair number. Since there are lots of adults-only joints in the city. The number of revenues lost for IL hospitality businesses as a whole (afta a full year of a smoke free IL) might make me puke.

Who the F said lots of smokers fly airplanes anyway? An airplane doesn't offer games to play with your money, and they don't offer live entertainment while you fly (ie: a ban performance). I had to laugh at that comparison between getting used to smoke-free airplanes and smoke-free casinos. A casino ain't the same thang as an airplane! Even a nonsmoker knows that!

I'm used to smoke-free planes all right. I'm SO used to them, I don't botha visiting freakin Ohare airport! Maybe if I ever did fly from Chicago to Hawaii, I'll look into a private jet.

What's one habit witout the other? (Trib Article)

Here's an article that favors the side of the smoking battle I represent.


I left some comments on there with a few of them being replies to the ppl who sound like they're on the antismoking side.

I sure would like to know when Chicago "got rid of smoking" as someone else put it on there. Chicago BANNED smoking in places, but tobacco sales have never been banned. Maybe Chicago WOULD get rid of smoking if the state goverment wasn't allowed to collect profits from cig sales. But of course, there's the other issue of tough folks selling packs underground (even if tobacco sales were banned).

They can keep on dreaming if they think smoke-free casinos is something Chicagoans can get used to, or if Chicago will get rid of smoking altogether.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The state ban will bring more violence to Chicago

In 2008, I expect to see people still smoking in the streets, and I wouldn't be surprised if bar owners ignore the new state ban.

But owners ignoring the state ban means we will have bar raids. And those bar raids will be far from peaceful....especially if we talking about a bar raid in a rough area of the city. If antis think smokers are weak, then the smoke cops betta be prepared to deal with armed smokers.

This would sound like a joke if we were living in the 60s, when people lived peacefully, especially afta the civil rights half of that decade ended with a victory for "us."

But this ain't 1967. This is 2007 (almost 2008) when packs and cartons are at sky-hi prices, and you can't even smoke in adult-only joints anymore. Heck, in modern times, several cartons of cigs is like someone getting their hands on tons of cash!

Anotha difference between the two time periods is people are more aggressive in modern times than they were in the 60's. As a matta of fact, if an anti tried walking up to a smoker in Chicago and say "You can't smoke here," that anti might feel pain from the smoker as a result. I'm not gonna deny I'd make that anti feel pain myself if he/she approached me like that.

There are LOTS of thangs "ppl ain't supposed to do" in Chicago. But they do it anyway. Good luck in stopping a kid from drinking beer. You might have betta luck keeping guns outta of a kid's hands instead of trying to make sure nobody is smoking in all of the bars. But keeping guns away from kids ain't easy in my town either.

I wish I had a Rated-G prediction of how Chicago will be in 2008 with a state smoking ban. But I believe I'm telling the truth when I say "It won't be pretty especially when bar owners get unexpected visits from cops and antis."

I'm not gonna sugarcoat my predictions with "Oh smokers will just accept tickets and owners will agree to pay the fines." That would be a lie for a prediction, especially in rough areas. Simply put, the rough areas of Chicago is where LOTS of thangs are illegal but folks do it anyway. As in "My life, and it's none of your freakin' business! We doing what it takes to make a living out here! And if you don't like it, then eitha leave or face the music!"

And I'm not just talking about people ignoring a smoking ban, and kids having easy access to packs and cartons. I wonder what an anti would do if he saw a kid with a can of beer or a bottle of vodka. LOL

Monday, December 10, 2007

IL makes a lil bit more than $2 billion/day in cig sales

I'm still appalled to hear how much the state govt makes off of cig sales even for just one day. Oh I believe it. It's just part of me keeps asking "What is the address of the place in Springfield that receives their share of tax money from cig sales? They could share some of that profit with me."

Nah, I wouldn't do that in reality. But I now believe greed is behind these constant rises on the different tobacco taxes. A NON-smoking sis asked me once "Wouldn't they decrease the cig prices if the govt depends on smokers' money? Because if I smoked, I would NEVER pay 8 freakin bucks for a pack. Even if I was down to my last 8 bucks in life, I wouldn't spend it on a pack."

I get her point. Common sense would say in order to make more money off of smokers, then you would decrease the taxes on it. I mean after all even if the tax for cigs was only 30 cents/pack (as part of the govt's profit), that's $30 million if I multiply .30 x 1 million smokers!

If the IL govt can't live off of 30 million bucks per day from Illinois smokers, then they are the greediest mothaF'kas I have ever heard of! No wonder they keep their snail addresses anonymous! Because if some folks in my town realized how much IL collects off of smokers, they would probably drive down to Springfield to meet those politicians living off of smokers' money.

Yes, I know they use that money to support stop-smoking programs and to support the anti orgs. But I can imagine some of that 2 billion bucks going into their pockets!

I don't intend on quitting. But I'm not feeding IL politicians' pockets anymore with buying cigs! If I could I'd actually move outta this state. I can't live in a state that abuses my money and tells me "Thank you for smoking " by not giving me a darn place to smoke at in IL aside from homes and cars! I don't even remember the last time I bought a pack in IL period!

I just hope those politicians protect themselves. Because when the rich gets richer, that makes the poor more jealous.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Don't order cigs from an online tobacco shop that ain't USA-based

I notice from my research online of tobacco shops, all of the non-USA based shops claim they don't report orders. Since they're not located in the USA.

And they probably don't report orders at all. BUT...I also read about several customers of these shops getting their orders seized. Meaning those smokers never got those very cheap cartons from Europe.

My conclusion: Even though foreign smoke shops online are not required to report orders, there IS that risk of you not getting your orders period. My best bet is if you really want to smoke European cigs, maybe you can visit or move to one of those European countries.

What's the point of ordering cartons from an European smoke shop online if someone is gonna steal your order (while it's in the delivery process)? And besides, I can't wait a F'king 4 weeks to get fresh cartons. I need my little friends from those cartons 365 days a year!

Getting your orders seized is the opposite of a shop reporting your orders to your home state every month. If an European smoke shop took your order but you never received the cartons. And the shop won't refund you, guess what? You got SCAMMED! And that's WORSE than me receiving back tax letters from Springfield!

Yes, even shops selling items online can scam you. Not just online and offline investment scammers.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Cigarette Ads

If you want to read an article on the controversy behind a new Camel ad, CLICK THIS.

A link to the ad itself is included in the article.

I hope these folks who dispute the validity of modern cig ads remember that cig ads are hardly a factor in kids' decisions to start smoking. IMO, ads never were a factor even when the ads used to be more popular in society. I mean after all, if ads played a factor for real, I would've seen peers smoking more than just Newports and Marlboro Lights from my teen days. One girl at my HS told me "Virginia Slims? YUCK!" The VA Slim ads never motivated her to try that brand!

I remember Joe Camel very well. But Joe Camel never motivated me to start smoking on Camels. As a matter of fact, I never had an interest in Camels.

Seeing family members and peers smoking is what motivated me to try smoking as a teen. None of them ever smoked Camels either. LOL!!!

I've seen ads dealing with MENTHOL Camels before too....the cigarette flavor I prefer. But I'm not gonna try Camel Menthols just because I saw ads for them.

The Camel ad I saw is very cartoon-like. But it doesn't motivate kids to try smoking in my eyes. Heck, I'm not even motivated to try Camels myself afta seeing the ad!

If you draw a brotha-like guy with a leather jacket on, give him some shades, and put a cig in his mouth, that would be my version of a true cartoon cig ad. Since kids would connect smoking with other thrills in life (such as driving a motorcycle...those 80's Kool ads with motorcycle guys in them were nice).

I know if Big Tobacco is gonna make a cig ad and even if the intent is not to promote smoking to kids, the theme of the ad needs to be related with thrills. Since a lot of young smokers in modern times are also thrill-seekers. Big Tobacco usually has nature-themed ads. Smoking is glamorous...but even the thrill-seeking kids know themselves smoking ain't as bad as the teachers make it sound. As in "I know smoking is cool and a beautiful habit. But give one good reason to at least experiment with this brand other than using a nature-like scene."

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A mesage from Dave Pickrell on a Congress cig tax increase

Congress wants to increase the federal tax on cigarettes by as much as 156 percent! This will have severe consequences, including the estimated loss of as many 12,000 American jobs, and increased reliance on an unstable tax base.

Please visit this site to see how you can help in this important fight

Monday, December 3, 2007

Smoking is certainly part of my culture

I guess smoking can be a cultural thing with some groups in society. After all, I've mentioned before in here about the different things smokers in my culture do that is normal in my eyes but not normal to others in society.

I do know the smoking bans as well as the other tobacco laws haven't damaged the smokers in my culture. I do notice in recent years, I've seen more smokers walking in the streets with cigars. Cigars are cheaper than cigs. And instead of quitting, those fellow smokers simply switch to the cigars.

But we'll see how long that lasts. Since antis want to see cigars heavily taxed too. I actually dunno how the state ban will effect Chicago, since Chicago already has a local ban. I still expect to see underage smokers in the streets in my area, as well as people selling packs illegally. Based on the environment I live in, it's even easy for me to forget about the local ban. But an anti might actually have a heart attack at seeing my environment. hee hee

One change I expect to see are smokers getting outraged when smoke cops pay a visit to taverns violating the state ban....since 2008 will be the first year of smoke-free taverns in Chicago.

I'm actually more interested in seeing if the beach ban will be enforced. Because with so many smoking bans the cops will try to enforce in Chicago, they might forget about the more important issues in the city.

One of those more important issues is related with this time of the year....with the holidays and crowded stores. When people go into stores and try to get away with lifting stuff. I'd be more concerned about a lifter in a store instead of a person smoking a cig in that same store...depending on the store, I hear a voice that yells out "NO SMOKING IN THE STORE PLEASE!" And the person keeps saying those words til the smoker puts out the cig. Then the voice says "THANK YOU!" This usually happens in big hardware stores/stores similar to Walmart.

"Please" is the right word! You need to be focusing more on people putting stuff in their pockets instead of focusing on one person smoking. But I guess it's not always easy to identify a lifter on cam since they're fast and they're actually not smoking. hee hee

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Random Thoughts

Seems like in modern times, more people hate smelling cig smoke, let alone cigar smoke too. Some people think smokers are supposed to look filthy as well. I've been told before I don't look like a smoker.

How is a smoker supposed to look? I've seen lots of pretty-looking women who smoke. And the men I've seen smoke seem to keep themselves clean.

It cracks me up to see people in public waving their hands in front of their faces as they walk past smokers. I dunno what's so stinking about the smell of tobacco smoke. I have smelled thangs that REALLY stink. If nonsmokers think the smell of that SHS stinks, they oughta try taking a whiff of the inside of a trash can! Neva mind the fumes coming out of a truck.

Oh, how about the smell of a public restroom that's not kept clean at all times? That "second-hand bathroom odor" might make you pass out if you ain't careful!

Most people don't want visitors smoking in their own homes. I wouldn't smoke in their homes anywya because I won't bother visiting them. But people are welcome to smoke to their heart's content in my home. They don't have to worry about ME waiving my hands or making fake coughs.

It's funny nonsmokers will snitch about the smell of SHS. But they don't say anythang when walking past a trash can or trash dump. I guess trash odor is OK since inhaling the odor smell won't kill you? Please! With all due respect to this brainwashed society, I'd ratha smell a room with lots of SHS in it instead of a trash can or a trash dump.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A state ban will not curb underage smoking

The antis said before smoking bans help convince kids to never even try smoking.

Well, I still see teens and some preteens smoking cigs, and they look like experienced smokers with those menthols. Albeit my sightings doesn't include "underage smokers" of all types. Chicago had a local smoking ban since 2006. But I still see kids smoking, and some of those teens asked ME for a cig during this summer on my work days.

The local ban hasn't helped curb underage smoking at all. I seriously doubt the state ban will help curb underage smoking in IL period. Smoking bans will make smokers more disobedient, and it's still easy for them to buy packs underground ("them" actually includes adult IL smokers).

But banning tobacco would be the only REALISTIC way to curb underage smoking. After all, if antis want to keep tobacco away from all kids, then they need to make tobacco sales illegal.

Heck, the rise in cig prices was supposed to help cut down on underage smoking too. But it hasn' has encouraged kids AND adults to get cigs in secret fashion.

If smoking bans and higher cig prices have made life better for antis, I honestly don't see it. I've seen more kids smoking in public as the years progressed, and underage smokers are a lot similar to me (among the ones I see). They just simply FLICK those lighters without worrying about the sign on the wall, or the rest of society. They'll just do what they want.

What would smoke-free restaurants do without drive thrus?

McDonald's is lucky they have drive thrus because that fast food chain would've died in Chicago a few years ago when smoking was banned in their restaurants,

I can understand the point of not even making drive thru orders as a smoker. Because that's essentially the same thing as supporting the smoke-free restuarant.

But if drive thrus were illegal, then even major chains like McDs, KFC, and Wendy's would be outta business in cities/states with smoking bans.

As I told someone recently, before the days of smoking bans, you would be lucky to find a place to sit at in a fast food restaurant in my town! But now those fast food places in Chicago are practically empty in all areas of the city. And in my area of the town, it's soooo empty inside Popeyes, the workers in there don't say a word if they see a person or 2 actually smoking inside. Too bad not all areas of the city will give smokers a break of that nature.

Those fast food places are still making money not just because of them being major chains. But also because of those drive thrus that supposedly accomodate smoking customers.

Where would those fast food places be at without drive thrus? They would probably go outta business for good like the mom-pop businesses.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm a first class American, and screw ALL antis!

When it comes to a state smoking ban, I don't have to obey sheet. I'm a first class person and I WANT first-class treatment!

I'm fortunate to be living in America, and I'm thankful for that. But even though I'm an American, I still gotta bust my behind off just to make money. And then I pay lots of taxes just like any other American, including other American smokers.

It pees me off to hear about the rich getting richer in this country and the poor getting poorer.

Smokers themselves get poorer by the month it seems like with higher cig taxes. The states in the early 2000s blamed online smoke shops (as their reason for raising the taxes). Well if a pack was only 75 cents as it should be, you would not see a single tobacco shop online. Not even MYO online shops.

How do I get rewarded for just trying to live as an innocent American? I'm told to smoke my legal cigs outside. And I gotta obey no smoking signs at every place I walk into. Heck, when someone says "Take it outside!" they always yell like they talking to a thug.

This country is not the land of the free. You can pay taxes, you can make money (although I need luck just to get hired period), and you can even feed the state of Illinois property taxes once every 6 months. can't smoke in Illinois anymore.

I'm sorry, but that's just screwed up (and that's the truth). As much money as I gotta pay the state of Illinois in the form of taxes and just to have a roof over my head, I think someone demanding me to "Take it outside!" is no different from someone telling me to "Get outta my face!" or someone calling me the N word.

People in society wonder why a lot of "us" represent a lot of criminals out there. Well not to defend them, but I think if it was easier for "us" to get hired, you probably WOULD see fewer criminals out there. I dunno how they can live if nobody is wiling to hire them, And it's funny there's a law against this....that law needs to be extended to not even using racism as a hidden reason for not hiring a person.

Likewise, people in society wonder why some smokers are doing illegal things themselves just to get cigs. I've read about cig heists in online articles before. Maybe if packs were as cheap as a candy bar, you would never hear of smokers pulling off cig-related robberies. Stealing cigs is stupid, but when a pack is 8 bucks, what do you expect to see as ONE of the results?

Getting those cig prices down would help get rid of online smoke shops, it would help smokers save money on gas (since they drive miles just to save money on cartons), and it would put an end to criminals who go after cartons instead of money.

I am not condoning getting cigs illegally. But despite how high a pack costs, there are smokers who will do whatever it takes to get cigs. In my case, I'll do whatever it takes to save money on my habit legally by not buying them within IL.

I feel a little bit better after writing this. I would love to smoke in Rod's face. He's one person in IL who deserves to see how I feel about a state smoking ban!

Smokers shouldn't spend moeny where they ain't welcome at

A smoker spending money in a smoke-free casino is wrong. That's like the smoker saying "Oh I hate the smoking ban and I'm not welcome to smoke in this casino. But I'm still gonna spend my money in here."

If you can't smoke in the casino, why bother spending money in there in the first place? That's like living in the old days if someone told me "You can sit in the back, or eat outside of our restaurant. But you're still welcome to buy food in here."

If I can't sit in the front, but I can still buy food in that hypothetical restaurant, no thanks. I'm going to a restaurant where I'd be totally welcome to sit in the front.

Of course, a smoker in IL won't find a "smoker-friendly restaurant/casino" in 2008. But the logic is still the same. If you're not welcome to smoke in a casino although you're allowed to spend your money in there...don' t enter the nonsmokers-only casino. (Well, it's essentially for nonsmokers only....)

I know if someone told me "You can't eat in here since you're colored. But you can still spend your money in here and take your food home or outside" I'd ask to see the darn manager of that place to find out why he/she is promoting that 2nd class treatment.

I wouldn't ask a casino manager why I can't smoke in there. I'd just avoid the casino altogether.

That person who commented on here that "Smokers don't have their own communities unlike Blacks" that's a good point. We could use a smokers' hood in order to make smokers become more united and to encourage them to fight the antismoking hysteria together. Black communities certainly helped African-Americans become stronger as a group over the decades.

I think the same thing would happen (with smokers becoming stronger as a group) if we had smokers communities. At least antis would neva think of entering a smokers community. Because basically speaking, if you smoke, you're safe from trouble.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Smoke ban WILL mean less cash for the casinos

Here's an article recently posted within my group entitled "Smoke Ban May Mean Less Cash for Casinos." ARTICLE LINK

I didn't read the article, because the title of this article caught my attention the most. It caught my attention because it's slightly misleading. That title needs to say smoke ban WILL mean less cash for casinos.

"Smoke ban may mean less cash to casinos." LOL...that title sure is a laugh! Did the anti-tobacco fans forget smoking and gambling go hand-in-hand like a cig and a beer mug?

Not that I gamble. But it's not a lie I've seen lots of smokers on my past visits to Harrah's in Joliet. Seriously. Some of those folks even dangle cigs in their mouths while playing those slot machines and playing at those card/poker tables.

As a matter of fact, there are so many smokers in a casino, good luck in catching every one of em if you a smoke cop reading this.

One business that won't suffer with a state ban is revenue the Cubs make. Fans will still light up in restrooms. I dunno if the Cubs will enforce no smoking in restrooms/concession areas with security/off-duty cops walking up and down the concessions area next year. But people still smoked secretly in the ballpark.

Smoking bans do not make smokers quit. Smoking bans make people smoke in criminal fashion. One idea of "criminal fashion" is a smoker being "shielded" by friends who look around to see if anyone suspicious approaches them.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My reply to a comment on here from "x"

Reply to a comment further down on this blog...LINK TO COMMENT

I wrote my reply as a seperate post for all blog viewers to see instead of having them scroll down.

You right. Smokers are not in a community all by themselves unlike us Blacks. But it would be cool to have a city where smokers are only welcome. And people can smoke in any building in that smoker-friendly city.

I know if Hillary hates tobacco, brothas and sistas are gonna do whateva it takes to get cigs cheaply, myself included. I'm sure otha smokers will switch to the MYO tobacco or maybe to the cigars.

Making tobacco expensive as heck won't make ME quit under any circumastances. If Hillary doesn't like that, she can split away from me in nice terms.


In the spirit of the holiday, I'm thankful tobacco ain't illegal like weed. Otherwise, I'd have to REALLY hide in order to smoke cigs.

Of course, there's a slim possiblity tobacco might become illegal for real in the future. But antis are stealing so much darn money from all smokers. Why would the govt make it illegal when they depend on smokers to give those anti org-mothas moolah?

There's not much to be thankful for if you smoke. Well in my case, being thankful for menthols is anotha one. Chicago can R. I.P on January 1. Because Illinois will be like the midwest version of California (as far as treatment among smokers is concerned).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the American smokers who believe smoking is a right, and to those Americans who at least respect my views on how the "21st century brothas and sistas" are being treated.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome to my blog, cigar smokers/cigar fans

(If you would like to contact me outside of this blog, my email addy is posted on the home page of my IL Smokers Alliance is within this message, and on my blog's links list.)

This is a welcome post to any readers of the Maduro Woman newsletter who decided to visit here.

I'm the same Jay who attended the cigar party hosted by you-know-who. She welcomed me with open arms, and she is a very nice woman. Probably one of the nicest smokers I met anywhere. My first cigar was a pleasant one. Bubba told me "Here's a mild cigar." I told myself "For a new cigar smoker, that stogie sure is big!" I think it's actually good my first cigar was a premium one. Because after I smoked that big cigar, I hate small cigars even more.

I dunno if that was a Cuban cigar I had. Bubba called it a Cuban STYLE cigar. But it sure was cool seeing ladies smoke REAL cigars there instead of the small cigars I see now and then in public. If I wanted to smoke a small cigar, I'd buy a pack of the More cigs instead. LOL

The host called the party a smokey party. But it's actually nice it was smokey in there. It reminded me of the days when parties in college dorms/nearby apartments were smokey (from my days as a UIC student). Of course, the smokers at cllege parties are basically cig smokers.

If you're a fan of reading pro-smoking posts, you'll definitely find lots of pages on them at my blog. I'm not gona "reintroduce" myself in here. Since I do that in the first-ever post I made in here back in June. But yes, I'm primarily a Black smoker of menthol cigs. I wouldn't mind an occassional cigar as long as it's similar to one of Bubba's cigars. hee hee

I also contribute in the fight here in IL between the antismoking side and the smokers/smoking activists side. You certainly don't have to be a smoker period in order to be a smoking activist. I've met my share of nonsmokers who are opposed to smoking bans, hefty tobacco taxes, etc.

Smoking bans effect ALL smokers, not just cig smokers. If you're a cigar smoker who's fed up with the second class treatment you receive for smoking your cigars in public, then you're welcome to read my blog. You'll find links to smoking-related articles in here and some letters I submitted in the past.

You're also welcome to join my IL Smokers Alliance group (You don't have to be a cigar smoker from IL to join....ALL smokers from ALL states are welcome!).

And lastly, although Garnet gets credit for owning this smoking activist site, feel free to check out Illinois Smokers Rights for info on any issues that concern you and your freedom to smoke cigars in public. I will warn if you haven't heard, you can't smoke your cigars at Chicago beaches anymore.

An ACS rep on TV didn't say smoking is the main cause for lung cancer

I watched that segment on The View show. The segment with Whoopi trying to kick the smoking habit. She had an ACS rep on there as a guest. At least that woman representing the ACS admitted on national TV that even nonsmokers are getting lung cancer. Another host of The View tried to get the rep to confess that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. But I was surprised the ACS rep didn't say smoking is the #1 cause....the rep said lung cancer is spreading around to many folks.

That's the closest positive thing I can say on seeing the segment. An ACS rep not blaming smoking as the #1 cause for lung cancer! That's news to me in itself! And thanks, ACS rep, for telling all Americans that smokers ain't the only ones who can get lung cancer! I bet that show is gonna get lots of complaints form antismokers who watched the show. They don't wanna hear "Other things can cause lung cancer, and even nonsmokers can get it."

I guess the truth hurts, antis. I forgot today is Great American Smokeout Day. But I'm not gonna stop enjoying my menthols for a whole day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ways you can avoid high cigarette prices

The most common way smokers can avoid paying for premade cigs is by making their own cigs. This is the most convient way to get cigs. After all, a carton of MYOs is only 11-13 bucks. The catch with MYOs is finding time to make the cigs.

For someone like me, I'd ratha be smoking one cig after another instead of spending 30 mins making a whole pack. I never said MYOs taste terrible. Well the MYO menthols I had made me stick with Newports. But MYO regulars taste betta than any other premade regular I have ever smoked.

MYOs are not convient for a smoker who's busy most of the day either. How is he/she gonna find time to make cigs if he/she is running around doing different errands or whateva? But based on how much they cost, making your own cigs is a cheaper alternative.

But for smokers who want a cheaper PREMADE brand alternative, these smokers buy generics. You know, the cheap-A brands? Well, here in Chicago, a generic brand "only" costs 6 bucks per pack! That's a dumb price for a crappy pack of cigs!

But yeah, generic cigs DO taste crappy. When you taste the smoke from a generic, you'll see for yourself why these cigs are so cheap. Between generics and MYOs, I'd rather smoke my own cigs than smoke a stale-A pack!

There's actually anotha alternative....switch to cigars! I did hear of this $15 cigar tax increase over the summer. Where the govt is trying to make cigars just about s expensive as a pack of cigs. I'd probably flip myself if someone offered me a box of cigars for 100 bucks. I can get a cigar box for 41 bucks at a smoke shop (box of 20 cigars).

If you're looking for a cigar-friendly site, Here's a Maduro Woman site. The Maduro Woman provides her opinions on the different cigars out there. And for the record, I actually met her once. She's a beautiful-looking cigar smoker. And contrary to what antis believe, she isn't a rude smoker either. She is one of the classiest smokers I have ever met, and I ain't playing.

Smokers still buy cartons online, but I was told if you DO buy cigs online, you should buy them at a Seneca online smoke shop. I saw some of these Seneca smoke shops for myself. Just google for "Seneca smoke shops." Seneca smoke shops don't have to report customers' orders. But their prices are no different from offline cig prices in Indiana. I yelled "HOLY S***!" when I saw the price for a Newport carton at a Seneca online shop. 40 bucks plus 10 bucks for shipping the carton?

In 2004, I could've bought a Newport carton from a Seneca online shop at only 26 bucks. I'm not gonna promote online tobacco shops because I don't know for sure if a lotta of em stick to their words of not reporting orders to the states. made that promise. But they ended up being big liars.

Those Seneca shops are your best bet if you wanna buy cartons from a shop that will not report your orders 100 percent. But if you find a Seneca shop with cheap carton prices, please email me the URL.

I don't understand why so many smokers smoke generics....I mean aside from the cheap price. If I started smoking on these 10 years ago, I would've stopped experimenting with them immediately, because I think a cig's quality is more important than how much nic is in it.

I don't give a F if that generic has as much nic in it as a Newport. If it tastes like crap, I ain't buying a generic carton!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I went to a cigar party 2 days ago

That was a nice party. It was a dream party for a guy who's attracted to ladies smoking cigars. I saw several women smoking cigars in there myself. At least those ladies were smoking big cigars and not the Swisher Sweet and Black & Mild cigars that are almost as small as a cig.

I smoked a big cigar myself. I had a mild one, although it didn't taste lke a light cigar. One lady told me to "Don't inhale [the cigar smoke]."

I think I inhaled a little bit of cigar smoke, and I got some tobacco bits in my mouth as well.

No wonder I hardly see cigar smokers in public. These things take too long to smoke. It took me almost an hour to smoke the whole cigar. I didn't like folks lighting my cigar several times. It kept going out by itself if I didn't drag on it for a while.

As they say practice makes perfect. I'm sure once I become more used to smoking cigars, it will take less time for me to smoke a whole one. I actually liked the taste once I got used to taking drags on the big stogie. But cigars are more suitable for indoor smoking to me.

Smoking a cigar is a lot different than smoking a cigarette. But I still enjoyed my first-cigar experience.

Oh yeah. I also learned I need a bigger lighter to light one up. I was told a Bic lighter won't work on a big cigar.

Aside from smoking the cigar, I played pool and danced a little bit. Some ladies told me "You look nice." Maybe I'll have an updated pic of myself once I see the pics taken from the party.

After smoking that cigar, I didn't bother smoking a Newport for 3 hours.

It was nice seeing several smokers having a good time at the party. Whetha they were smoking cigars or cigs. If there wasn't an antismoking culture, it would be more common to see more parties of this nature being open to the general public. I can understand fully why that party wasn't open to the general public anyway.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Teacher gets shot while smoking outside of school

Makes you wonder if this incident never would've happened if this teacher in would've been allowed to smoke in the teachers' lounge, as it was in the old days.

I think I mentioned before smoking bans cause more innocent smokers to become crime targets. But this article is a good example of one of the smoking ban cons antis do NOT want to hear about.

I'm sure this teacher will still have to go outside of the school in order to smoke when he returns to work. But if I was him, I'd have a small handgun on me for protection from those loons who use smokers outside as crime victims.

Teacher shot outside Fla. high school

Tue Nov 6, 6:17 PM ET

A teacher was shot and injured Tuesday outside a high school during an apparent robbery, forcing lockdowns of several schools for more than two hours.

Police detained three men for questioning but released two of them. They were questioning the third. No arrests had been made.

The teacher, identified by school officials as Sergio Miranda, was shot in the upper torso, Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said.

Miranda had been taking a cigarette break across the street from the school during lunch when he was confronted by a man who tried to rob him, said Quintin Taylor, a spokesman for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Miranda was being treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital, said spokeswoman Maria Rosa Carrero, who added that she was not authorized to release details of his condition.

A group of SWAT officers in helmets and carrying rifles entered an apartment complex near the school shortly before they took the men in for questioning. Police had sealed off all the complex's exits, and a police helicopter hovered above.

A 911 call reported the shooting before noon at Miami Carol City Senior High School, Zabaleta said. Carol City elementary, middle and senior high schools were on lockdown for more than two hours as a result, but the lockdown was lifted later Tuesday afternoon.

Monday, November 5, 2007

A quote from an Heartland article

Here's a quote from the Heartland Institute, an organization based in Chicago. They're like the opposite version of the ACS and the ALA. Heartland is an organization (founded in 1984) that supports smokers' rights in other words. They actually believe in protecting all kinds of freedoms in America.

But anyway, I'd like to comment on this cited article quote at the Heartland Institute site:

"My sympathies are with the kid next door who has asthma who has to put up with a pollutant crossing the border," explained Democratic Councilman Philip Andrews."

I'd like to know how the heck can pollutants from someone else's house transfer over to someone else's crib, when the windows are closed at both houses? I've heard before how folks complain about smeling smoke from someone else's house. But what is the mothafreakin' big deal? Maybe if you smelled THICK smoke coming from someone else's house, dial 911 if you wanna be a hero.

And even if the windows are open, wouldn't the SHS drift up into the air instead of going into someone else's crib?

The best solution I have for that asthmatic kid next door is: Keep your darn windows closed if you don't wanna smell smoke coming from next door. And I personally have NEVER smelled cig smoke coming from my neighbor's crib anyway. If I did smell it, I wouldn't "B" about the SHS smell. I might go over there ans ask if we can smoke together. Especially if its a lady.

I heard in CA, you can report a smoker to the cops if you smell smoke coming outta the smoker's crib. That's crazy. I could see reporting someone for harassing you. But reporting someone for smoking a legal product in his/her OWN home?

I know if this was 1967 instead of 2007, people would be saying "THat antismoker needs to see a psychiatrist for reporting his neighbor to the cops just for the anti smelling cig smoke coming from next door."

I have a VERY GOOD feeling what would happen in Chicago if antis tried pulling off of that tatic here. If an anti reports a smoker to the cops here, that anti might smell "smoke" of a different kind coming from next door as a result. And if the anti survives that "smoke" from weapons, he oughts be thankful to still be alive.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The ex Surgeon General is a liar

This is a message I received from Lynda Farley herself. I agree that ALL Surgeon Generals are liars. And it's sad fake tests ave to be used in order to convnce America SHS and smokers are both dangerous.

I know a sista with a stogie won't get any breaks. Whether you smoke cigs, cigars, or pipe tobacco, you are the most despiciable person on planet Earth according to a SG!


Hello, here is what I've been waiting for! (see below) I tell folks every day that our ex surgeon general, 'Dr.' Carmona, LIED, and got fired. Yes, his press releases were BIG FAT WHOPPING lies, and all anyone needs do to confirm that statement is to READ his own report. There is NOTHING in there to justify the comments he made to the press. And, on the basis of his comments to the press, horribly unjust, and economically devastating (and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!) smoking bans have been spreading like wild fire across the United States. These smoking bans essentially re-institute SEGREGATION, which instead of being based on race is now based on 'smoking'. These bans result in smokers being forced out into the snow, -40 degree wind chills, or 105 degrees; weather conditions it is probably (in many areas) illegal to force dogs and cattle. Many just stay home, essentially becoming hermits. In addition, false supposedly 'scientific' basis such as this is being used to justify employment discrimination against smokers, and even to remove custody of CHILDREN from LOVING PARENTS. HUGE injustices are being based on LIES. Now OFFICIAL ACTION is being taken to redress this wrong.

To my spiritual friends, God HATES LIES, even if there is a worthy purpose such as stuffing the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry (at the expense of our tobacco industry).

To all who just 'hate the smell' of smoke, it is UNCONSCIONABLE to treat 25% of the US population as a sort of 'new leper class', just because of your 'dislike' of a smell. IN FACT no one else is being actually hurt by smoke.

Also, if you missed this, the
World Health Organization is lying about THEIR OWN 'second hand smoke' study, which found only ONE statistically significant result, 22% LESS lung cancer among those whose PARENTS SMOKED:

Lynda Farley

The Great Smokers Rebellion

A message from another smoker that needs to be passed along.



The American Cancer Society has designated November 15th, 2007 as the
day that all good Americans should stop smoking, even if just for one day.

I propose that we should NOT stop smoking on that day. In fact, I
think we should take the following actions on November 15th:

1) Call in SICK to work! If all of us do it, there will be an economic
consequence that politicians cannot ignore. It will show that we have
power. If we all do it, it will absolutely cripple the economy for
that day. If you are worried about repercussions, arrange to have the
day off in advance - you do not have to specify the real reason to
your employer. Just tell them it is a "family thing".

2) Do NOT spend any money on this day! Stock up on whatever you need
to get through it ahead of time! If 25% of us stop spending for one
day, we WILL be noticed!

3) On November 15th, mark all of your money by writing (or using a
pre-inked stamp "SMOKERS MONEY" in preparation for use after this day.
Keep marking your money until December 31st, 2007.

4) Use this day to email, fax, or write your elected officials
(Federal, State, County, City) to express your displeasure at being
taxed unfairly, and/or to express your displeasure with unfair tobacco
taxes and smoking bans. If you cannot get through, KEEP TRYING! Let's
take their phone and fax systems out for the entire day!

5) If a member of the media wants to interview you, please agree! Tell
them that you are SICK AND TIRED of being TAXED AT EVERY TURN to pay
for everything from schools, to roads, to health insurance while the
non-smokers get a free ride!

6) If anyone asks questions, ANSWER THEM! Tax increases in the several
hundred percentage points to the several thousand percentage points
are horribly unfair.

7) If you have a particularly heart wrenching story of an elderly
person, who has been addicted their entire life, having to try to quit
due to unfair taxes, try to get it into the press.


Just My Opinion,

Jeff Weinstein
Chicago, Illinois

Friday, November 2, 2007

If you buy cigs online and you're in Oregon, file your back taxes!

I found a PDF document online where smokers in Oregon gotta fill out this tax form and report their internet orders of cigs THEMSELVES (instead of the state looking into the issue)

If this trend continues with the other states, where states will ask smokers to report their out-of state/internet cig orders themselves, then good luck if the state of Oregon thinks a smoker is actually gonna fill out a tax form like this.

I like this idea in regards to the topic of internet cig orders. I would have to voluntarily pay the taxes by reporting the orders to the state myself.

But if you think I'm gonna ever report orders I made myself online or out of state myself out of the goodness of my heart...I can only blow smoke at that idea. I'd probably take this tax form and put it in a shredder if I received one in Oregon.

I really wish this form was a joke myself. So even if I buy my cartons from a Seneca shop and I lived in Oregon, I still have to report my own orders? What school did these Oregon politicians graduate from?

If this becomes a trend in other states and IL/Cook/Chicago kindly asks me to report any orders I made myself, then they can only wish I'd do the "right thing." ; )

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An article on smoking not causing cancer

This article citation was found within the Ohio smokers group. If smoking increases "risks" but doesn't cause cancer, then the only risk I can think of is more people not accepting me as a smoker. Any health risks are minimal.

'With smoking, we know that if you smoke you increase your risk, but most smokers in the end don't get cancer, so it's not a one-to-one relation.'

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What smoking means to me

(Originally posted in my Alliance group. With the addition of how I'd describe a cig.)

Before I became a smoker, I'm not afraid to admit I was brainwashed by anti poisonanda myself as a little boy. I used to nag about my mother's smoking a lot. And needless to say, she got angry. Some people thought it was wrong for her to encourage trying a cig for myself before I snitch about it.

I was actually scared to try a Newport when this old 8th grade classmate Crystal offered me one from her pack. Since I was under the impression that cigs can kill me back then, I actually thought I was gonna die if I smoked that menthol. Yes, anti poisonanda existed in my teen years, albeit it was as big back then as it is now.

I still remember shaking nervously as I put the menthol in my mouth. But then when I lit it, she told me to suck on it. And while I did enjoy the minty taste, I still remember coughing and feel like I was getting high when I tried to inhale.

I bet if an anti asked "How can you guys smoke these?" he would have to keep on experimenting in order to find out for himself. I smoked now and then as a teen. But I didn't become a regular smoker til I got into college at UIC.

College is the first time I actually inhaled, and unlike my teen years, 19 is when I had no problems inhaling the Newport smoke. Once I got used to inhaling, that's when I learned why my mother enjoys smoking, and I also learned why most smokers of my type prefer menthols. It took me until 21 to even find a regular cig brand I liked the taste of period.

Smoking to me is an outlet to happiness. I said before if it wasn't for me becoming a smoker, I probably would be a much worse person. Especially when you hear about more teens in modern times taking up drugs and becoming alcoholics and gang type of teens.

What is a cigarette? Well my version of a cigarette is a long tube that is stuffed with pleasure inside of it. If it smells like mint inside of that tube, then that menthol would be my first choice when it comes to lighting one up. The cig actually smells good on the lit end. It smells better than smelling trash outside.

My mother told me in order to enjoy smoking, I got to develop a taste for tobacco. Well it took me longer to develop a taste for normal tobacco. But with the mint tobacco, I just had to get used to the proper way of enjoying a cigarette. As much as antis like to view menthols as Big Tobacco's way of attracting more Blacks to smoking, I view menthols as an alternative option for those who like smoking but they want a better way to enjoy smoking tobacco.

And with some menthol brands, while I know I'm smoking tobacco, you couldn't tell by the taste of the menthol. Since you taste a lot more mint than tasting actual tobacco while you enjoy the cig. Salems and Benson & Hedges Menthols are two menthol brands that fit this description.

Makes me wonder why there aren't any other flavored cig brands out there. Like grape-flavored cigs, chocolate-flavored cigs, or even a cig brand that tastes like drinking Pepsi. LOL!!

I guess more flavored cig brands would mean more stupid anti claims. Like "Big Tobacco is still trying to attract kids to smoking." Tell me something new, Mr. Anti. Otherwise, go to heck! I know clove cigs come in different flavors. And cigars come in different flavors too. But it would be cool if I smoked a normal cig that looks like a Newport. Except it has lemon-lime flavoring in it instead of menthol.

Smoking gives me a feeling no nonsmoker can understand. I think there's some truth to smoking calming one's nerves. I can't handle sitting down for hours without smoking and expect to remain calm and patient.

These smoking bans don't make it easy for me to live as a smoker. Because if I can't smoke for hours in a park, a beach, or inside of the United Center (a smoke-free sports arena in Chicago), believe me, the other side of my personality will come out. Someone who knows me knows it's time for me to have a refreshing menthol when I start swearing or say things I don't mean to say.

When I light up that cig, I feel relieved. And I start thinking normal again. And if I am talking to someone, I return to that normal language.

I wish smoke authorities would give me a break when it comes to me "forgetting" about a smoking ban. No smoking for me would mean people would see the Jay they don't want to see. It's my personal belief if more of these authorities and antis smoked themselves, they WOULD see the stupidity behind smoking bans.

Smoking to them is deadly and a cancer stick. Smoking to me is a life-saver when it comes to keeping certain folks in society positive folks. That tobacco in a cig is more valuable than what most in society think.

Friday, October 26, 2007

We getting close to 2008

Now that the weather is getting colder, it's gonna get more inconvient to smoke outside. Anyone who has read a lot of my blog posts knows how I feel about trying to obey the "Take it outside" rule even in cold weather.

But when that clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, good luck to even the state cops in IL trying to enforce no smoking in an IL tavern or club.

Heck, good luck to the Chicago cops in trying to enforce the park/beach bans when we get into spring and summer.

Maybe next year is when I will get my partial wish. Of seeing more smokers be disobedient at the discriminatory-like smoking bans. A smoking ban can't work if it's not enforced. And it can't be enforced when you have groups of folks lighting up Newports, Marlboros, and cigars in even outdoor areas (like those parks in Chicago).

I believe not smoking causes lung cancer AND not smoking makes people less mature and less smarter than myself.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If you like smoking at the beach, don't come to Chicago

It's official. You can not smoke in the parks and at beaches in Chicago.

I guess one positive thing about living in Chicago as a smoker is there are more smokers in the city that what the local media thinks.

If that Fed tax on cigs passes, then Chicago will become the #1 city with the highest cig prices in the nation. I never imagined paying 10 bucks for a pack of menthols, since Kools used to be only 65 cents per pack years ago.

But I know seeing 2 digits in the price of a pack is not something to cheer about in the Windy City. That would mean more business for folks who sell packs in the rough areas of the city.
I wonder what's next for a city that's not even close to being a Promised Land in the 21st century. Maybe an outdoor smoking ban altogether?

Good luck in enforcing that new ban, Chicago. I can see people getting outraged while they smoke and get their beach tans.

I tried a pack of menthols made outside of the USA

I'm under the impression small tobacco companies within the USA actually have their brands made outside of America. I tried a pack of Silver menthols recently. While they taste like a menthol (and this menthol actually tastes better than the menthol Big Tobacco uses), they also taste more like actual tobacco is i them.

I'm under the impression non-USA cigs are additive free, since some countries have regulations on what can not be added in cigs. Compared to Newports, Silver Menthols taste like somethang is missing in them when I take drags and inhale the minty smoke.

And there's regulation on the amount of nicotine that can be in foreign cigs. Particularly European cigs. A Marlboro Red in the UK tastes more like an American version of a Marlboro Light. That's what UK smokers in the past told me.

I know if Big Tobacco was forced to follow regulations like the European tobacco companies have to follow, you would see a lot more smokers in America. Especially more under-18 smokers. Of course in modern times, more kids who are close to adolescence start smoking too. If cigs were additive-free, more people would enjoy smoking actual tobacco in the cigs. Additive-free cigs are less risky, but no cig is 100 percent safe.

I wouldn't like the idea of regulating nic though. Because regulating nic means smokers will smoke more and buy more packs/cartons.

I guess the reason why one small tobacco company in the US have their cigs made in Colombia is because they wanna keep themselves under the radar as much as possible. If more smokers smoked and enjoyed small tobacco brands, the company would be forced to raise the prices and then antis would learn about the small company too.

I notice small tobacco companies don't sell their brands offline (at least not in my town). I guess it's because of the cigs being made outside of the US and not to mention possibly being additive-free? A lot of brands sold offline are stale-a** igs here. Unless you buy a Newport pack from a dealer in underground fashion.

I am impressed with the taste of these Silver Menthols. Someone said they're cheap in price. But they don't taste cheap to me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Smoking ban proposal for Chicago parks and beaches

I dunno why the heck I didn't hear about this til late this afternoon. But it looks like park officials in Chicago want to see smoking banned in parks and beaches.

If more smokers recognized the truth behind these smoking bans, you probably would see more smokers engaging in civil disobedience. I could actually see civil disobedience happening at a crowded beach or in a park at midnite.

How are cops gonna enforce no smoking on crowded beaches? If I'm outside late at night in a park on a summer evening, and a cop pulls up at 12 am just to gimme a GD ticket for smoking i a park when I'm the ONLY person in the park, then that shows that cop thinks ticketing me for smoking in a park is more important than stopping thieves frm pulling off a heist in Chicago.

Enforcing an indoor smoking ban is easier for cops. But enforcing a beach/park smoking ban is a heck of a lot more tougher. And I hope I end up being right on the latter.

(some more thoughts I had on this topic)

I wouldn't be surprised if the folks in Springfield are voting to ban smoking in all cars and homes in IL as we speak

I was being a lil sarcastic. But I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing to become smoke-free in IL are homes and cars. But yet, you won't hear about the proposal or the voting session til the night before the scheduled voting on the proposal. Just like with this proposal on vanning smoking in parks and beaches in Chicago. I didn't hear about it til I read an email from a Trib reporter (that she sent this afternoon).

Most smokers/smoking ban opposers would agree when I say "I'd appreciate it if you folks in the Chicago council would inform the citizens about the proposal weeks in advance."

I guess IL's motto is "Lets slowly turn IL into a smoke-free state by banning smoking outdoors, and we won't say a word to the public." Not saying a word to the public days in advance will make smokers outraged. There's nothing I can do about it. But I think most opposers of smoking bans would agree when I say "I'd appreciate it if you tell the public about the proposal weeks in advance, so we unbrainwshed smokers can think of ideas on how to fight it.

I did hear the workers swept up MILLIONS of cig butts outta the sand this past summer. Maybe putting up ashtray bins would help decrease the number of butts in the sand. But if you don't like sweeping up my cig butts period, then quit your darn job if you don't think putting up ashtrays would help BOTH of us!