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Monday, March 23, 2015

More Smokers board's new location

I learned Boardhost zapped a lot of smoking boards cause (according to them) the boards violated their TOS by having "obscene material."  Since when did the topic of smoking become "obscene material?"   Since they used to have smoking boards for the past 15 years, the smoking boards didnt violate their TOS back then.  But all of a sudden, a smoking board is obscene?  LBVS

Here's the new location for the More cigarettes brand's forum.

My thoughts on e-cigs

A reader on my blog asked me if I view e-cigs as a menace.  Or a blessing.

Well when e-cigs first came out in the late 2000s, they certainly were not as big back then as they are in 2015.   They were initially marketed as a quit smoking tool.  But I viewed them more as a "blessing" for people who wanted to work around indoor smoking bans.

I've heard from two ladies who actually tried vaping (the term used to describe someone using an e-cig).  And both of them hated it.   I tend to agree smoking a traditonal cig sounds more pleasurable than sucking a device which produces no smoke but "liquid nic."

And despite the fact they're tobacco free and smoke free, a lotta places still treat e-cigs as normal cigs.  As in "If you wanna vape, take it outside like those who smoke the normal cigs!"  I dont think it's fair to treat vapers like smokers.  Unless there's a 2nd hand vaping lie I never heard of before.

Since I'm not interested in e-cigs, I dont wanna call them a blessing.  But its disrespectful (in my eyes) to tell someone to vape outside when he/she is not smoking at all.  I dont think e-cigs are a menace.  Since I still see people with Newports when I DO spend time outside at places.   I have never seen someone with an e-cig in public before.

I dunno if its true e-cigs help people quit smoking for real.  I definitely know its just as tough for minors to buy em as it is for teens trying to buy traditional cigs.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Raising the legal age to 25 for buying tobacco products


This is actually my first blog post for 2015.  But this smoking/tobacco topic certainly warrants attention.

Raising the tobacco age to 25 will NOT save lives.  If people wanna save lives, putting an end to gun violence can help.  Raising the age to 25 would be a sick joke really.  People are gona find a way to get their cigs/e-cigs, even if the age was raised to 30.

Its a wonder why raising the alcohol age to 25 was never considered before.  Oh yeah, it's because (as antismokers would say) drinking only effects the drinker.  And not the people around him/her.  If an intoxicated person starts hitting me outta the clear blue sky, the the effects of drinking would affect me as the non-drinker then.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Orleans smoking ban is bad for businesses and tourism

A smoking ban in New Orleans would hurt that town's revenues from tourists (as well as hurting revenues in the bars).


Monday, November 10, 2014

MASS: Town may become the first US city to ban tobacco sales

While this MA town may become the first US town to ban tobacco sales in the 21st century, this would'nt be the first time a city or state banned tobacco sales of any kind period in USA history.   Some states actually banned cigarette sales in the 1900s-1910s era.  Of course, those bans eventually got lifted by the 20s.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

This blog is still getting a decent amount of hits

I'm a lil bit surprised my blog is still averaging 15-17 hits per day despite me not posting in here as much as I did in the past.  Oh, I still smoke (and I'm still not interested in quitting one of life's greatest pleasures).  I used to smoke various brands to try em and for my smoking fetish.  Like I smoked ML''s in the past partly because ML's were a popular brand for sexy smokey chicks in my college days.  BH Golds actually taste like a stronger version of ML's to me.

I wouldnt mind trying different brands if cigs werent so high in price in modern times.  Because of that, I only smoke the brands I like the taste of the most.  Maybe I'll try a pack of Reds 100s again one day since I think of Nicole on the Smoking Ladies Board when I hear Red 100s.  But I'm happy with BH Golds if I ever want a non-menthol pack.

Benson and Hedges Menthols

Benson and Hedges Menthols taste a lot more like the older BHs from the pre-FSC days.  Not as strong as a Newpoort but has a nice menthol taste.  I prefer BHs in the box.  I'm not really a fan of soft pack cigs.  When a soft pack of cigs gets low, then the few cigs inside can get crushed a lot more easier..

I dont even remember the last time I saw someone with a soft pack outside.

The one negative about the sexy all-white BHs is they cost more than Newports and Marlboros.  The higher price is worth it to me for someone who wants to treat BHs as an alternative brand to smoke occasionally.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

NYC cops choke man to death for selling untaxed cigs, despite him being cig-free at the confrontation

It's sad to hear this man lost his life over nothing.  Especially since he never had cigs on him or in his car when the NYC cops confronted him.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Since ballparks are smoke-free, being outside of Wrigley still has lots of smokey chick sightings

The smoking rate of US adults would be much more than 20 percent if it was based on the amount of people I saw smoking outside of Wrigley Field,  When I went to a Cub game last weekend

I saw LOTS of ladies smoking cigs outside of Wrigley today. Most were smoking all-whites that smelled like MLs to me. It's hard to get a look at the cig when some ladies take fast drags. But I definitely didnt smell any menthol smoke from anyone outside. Except for two men asking me for a light so they could light up their Newports.

One lady was wearing shades and she had a slim cig dangling in her mouth while walking past me. It certainly looked like an all white 120 baby she was dangling since her cig is longer than my Newport 100s.

The US adult smoking rate is low? I find it hard to believe the smoking rate in Chicago alone is the lowest in IL (based on how many people I saw with cigs at the Cub game). Unless most of the Chicago smokers are Cub fans. lol I felt like I was outside in downtown Chicago in 1994 instead of outside of Wrigley in 2014!

I thought I'd be lucky to find a lady being a bad girl in Wrigley itself by sneaking a smoke like on one of the ramps or the patio the Cubs have. So I can join her instead of stepping outside for a few mins. But the Cubs got no smoking signs all over the place (including on the patio). I was disappointed to see they even have smoke cops on their patio to catch anyone smoking. And to catch intoxicated fans getting violent of course...

For the record, I saw nobody with e-cigs in Wrigleyville.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Teen smoking girls article

I found an article about some teen smoking girls. LINK TO PAGE I doubt a modern newspaper would interview teen girls who enjoy smoking or a mom who is glad to give em cigs. I woukdnt even rule out the idea of girls starting a few years younger than 13. And of course, there are teen girls who smoke both cigs and weed.