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Saturday, April 19, 2014

OT: For visitors looking to advertise sites and make money online

I used to have some ecig banners.  I'd love the idea of posting some smoke shop banner.  But thanks to Obama, the days of buying cartons online ended in 2010 with the PACT Act.  You can still buy cigs from the international-based online smoke shops.  But I never tried buying cartons from them.  I heard some of those shops are actually scammers.

The banners I placed on my blog may be off-topic.  But for a reader who's interested in looking for an advertising site (where you can post/share ads of ANY product, including e-cig ads), you can check out My Advertising Pays.

At this advertisement site, the admin also shares profits with all members as long as the member views 10 ads daily.  If you want to learn more about My Advertising Pays, feel free to click any banners on my blog.  This site also has a page on Facebook.

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My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pic of a leather lady with a cig

I dont post pics on here often.  But I cant resist sharing this one with a hot smokey lady with some leather.  I wish I knew the brand of the cig she's holding.  I looked at the cig closely but I cant see the brand's name on it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Walgreens will continue to sell tobacco products, some small good news

Walgreens will NOT join CVS in banning tobacco sales.  It's pleasant to hear Walgreens believes in respecting and accommodating ALL of their customers.   I even heard this store still sells tobacco pipes.  I remember seeing lots of pipes being displayed in a Walgreeens during the 80s.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

CVS will stop selling tobacco products (including cigs of course)

CVS decided to drop selling cigs and tobacco products in all of their stores as of October 2014.

The media says this decision will make CVS lose at least 2 billion bucks in revenues per year.  But I never bought cigs from CVS anyway.  Feel free to discontinue selling em CVS.  At least Walgreens believes in accommodating ALL of their customers (even with having their own clinics) by still selling cigs.

I agree its hypocritical to drop cigs but not liquor if CVS is really concerned about having clinics in their stores.  If they really concerned about getting rid of products that can affect their customers' health, they need to take the liquor off of their shelves as well.  And all of those candy bars I've seen in an aisle once.

Will Walgreens discontinue selling tobacco products?  At the time of this post, I heard Walgreens is thinking of the idea.  But they have no plans (at least for now) to drop cigs off of their shelves.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

South Beach Smoke e-cigs

I have to update the banners on my bog.  But if ayone is looking for a way to buy e-cigs online, you can take a look at South Beach Smoke.  This is one of those e-cig brands that actually looks like a real cig.

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Cigarettiquette!" officially released

A new book on smoking has been released!  "Cigarettiquette" by fellow smoker Sandy.  This book focuses on the glamor side of smoking.  While it's certainly a prosmoking book, I wouldn't specifically call it a book that focuses on mainly the smoking fetish.

The glamor of seeing women smoke cigs is only part of the big smokey pic (so to speak).

This book can also be purchased at Amazon.  More info on the book can be found at the URL below.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New IL cig butt law: $1500 fine for flicking/dropping butts on the ground

This article makes it sound like this new fine for "littering with cig butts" only applies to flicking butts outta cars.  But the new fine actually applies to dropping butts on the ground anywhere.  Including dropping and discarding cig butts while smoking outside.

$1500 is too steep for a fine.   I agree with those who dont consider dropping cig butts "littering."  It sounds like an indirect way to force people to quit smoking.  Modern cars don't have ashtrays.  And every street corner doesnt have a trash can let alone an outdoor ashtray.  So a smoker has no choice but to flick butts on the ground.

Some smokers actually keep the butts til they find a trash can.  Throwing cig butts in trash cans is a common way for trash can fires to start.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

NYC: Smoking sctivisits light up in City Hall in e-cig ban protest

Smoking activists light up in protest

Audrey Silk led this group of NYC smoking activists.  I admire her nice work over the past I think up to 10 years now.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NYC Article on raising the tobacco age from 18 to 21 and e-cig thoughts


You gotta be at least 21 to buy tobacco products in NYC now instead of 18.  I wouldn't be surprised if 21 eventually becomes the new age for buying tobacco in ALL states 2 years from now.

It's sad to think an 18-20 year old can serve the country in the army, and work 2 jobs at once in order to pay his/her college tuition and other college expenses (for the ones who wanna go to college).  But that 18-20 year old may lose the right to buy cigs in the near future.

I barely lived in the days when people could buy cigs and any tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) at ANY age without any trouble.  Now a young adult who wants to smoke in NYC has to ask someone legally old enough to buy liquor to buy that cig pack for him/her too.

But based on NYC's cig prices, I wouldnt buy cigs in that town anyway.  At least an 18-20 year old can still go to NH or Vermont to buy packs and cartons legally.

I'm sure that new 21 age applies to e-cig purchases as well.  I can only laugh at those calling e-cigs the cigs of the future.  If smoking bans got revoked, then e-cigs would die immediately.  Those things were invented to help smokers work around smoking bans,  Some call em a quit smoking tool. but I dont see how e-cigs can help anyone lose the nic craves for good.