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Monday, February 1, 2016

New Link added

I added an archived link to Karen's smoking page.  She was a heavy smoker of Marlboro Red 100s.  But she actually smoked BH Golds as well.  Whenever she wanted a menthol, she would grab a pack of Newports or Salem.

She also enjoyed talling to men with the smoking fetish.  She actually called herself a smoking fetisher when I talked to her before.   I certainly agree with her calling cigs her babies.  If I was able to get back in touch with her today, I can thank her for inspiring me to give BHs a try since she loved those all-whites herself.   BH menthols make a good Newport 100 alternative (especially based on how RJR changed the Newport taste).  And BH Golds taste mo like a full-flavored version of a ML 100 to me.

A BH Gold is actually a lil "fatter" than a ML 100 as well.

Five ads dealing with women's cigs

Since I didnt post any ads last week, I'm making up for it by posting 5 mo ads for this week.  I just posted a More ad (which is also on the top of my More board).

So here are 5 mo ads with the women's cigs theme.  Camel No 9s actually came out in 2006.

While antis like to call a brand like VS women's cigs, it aint really a surprise to hear of men smoking 120s of any kind.  I actually tried VS menthol 120s, Max Menthols, and Saratoga Golds during my lifetime as a smoker.  Max was the best tasting 120 to me. 

I actually tried some Indian-made 120s during the days when we could buy cigs online.  AND those were the days when anyone could buy the cheaper Indian cigs online.....the brands which tasted just as good as premium brands. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016

My first impression on the NEW Newport 100s

I notice the Newport pack finally changed with RJR's address (on the side of the pack).   RJR also added the "Underage sale prohibited" words on the side but near the top in the white area of the pack.

My first impression of smoking RJR's version of Newport 100s is the cig has a lil mo menthol taste than Lorillard's Newport 100s.  The Lorillard version of a lit Newport 100 would smell a lil bit like weed.  (The shorter Newports never smelled like a combo of a menthol cig and weed to me...those always smell like an all menthol cig while lit.)   The RJR Newport 100s dont have a weed smell when lit..this aint a big deal to me.

The only big deal to me is getting used to smoking a Newport with mo menthol flavor but a lot less strength than a Lorillard Newport 100.  At least RJR didnt make these as airy as a light cig.  I'd say a RJR Newport 100 is now just about as strong as a BH FF Menthol.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Three Misty ads

I personally never tried Misty...the 120s which were introduced around 1990.  I do recall seeing two Misty ladies outside during the 90s but not at my high school or college.

If these 120s are still available today, I wouldnt be surprised if Mistys are still cheaper than VS 120s.  Seemed like VS was a more popular 120s brand.

The 120s I've smoked in my life are VS 120s (both flavors), Max Menthols, and Saratoga Golds.  Saratogas being the only corked 120 on the market.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Three Light ads with women

Of course, its illegal to call a cig brand "lights" in modern times.  But I'm never gonna stop calling em lights.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hawaii is the first state to make the age 21 for buying cigs

Hawaii is the first state to raise the legal age for buyin cigs and other tohacco products to 21.  If someone told me the Aloha State would be the first to make it 21 for buying cigs, I wouldve laughed.  I thought Utah would be the first to raise it to 21.  Since their legal age for buying cigs is 19 according to my understanding.

I wouldnt be surprised if my home state of Illinois raises the legal tobacco age to 21.  Maybe not in the new year.  But I can see the legal age going up in 2017 here.   I'm well over 21 years old.  So Illinois could raise the age to 25 for all I care.  I dont buy my cigs in the Chicago area anyway.  I aint paying $13 for a pack of Newport Longs OR Newport Shorts.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

More Menthol ad

Just one ad for this week.....a More ad!  And this is one More ad I'm actually familiar with.  I may have seen it on the back cover of a Jet mag from the mid-late 80s.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cig ads with celebs from the VERY old days

I already knew Lucille Ball was a RL smoker and not just on tv.  She and Desi Arnaz (who was her RL hubby as well) actually appeared in cig ads together in the 40s. 

BT was banned from usin celebs in their ads in 1964.  The same year when the first-ever Surgeon General report came out on the cons of smoking.