Friday, January 10, 2020

To give you an idea on how times have changed

In the 80s, people could get free cig packs on plane flights, and at auto/horse races.

People could buy cigs at any age in the early 80s. Til places started enforcing the old under 18 law for buying tobacco in the US. I heard once.86 was the year.  But I'm sure lots of stores/gas stations still sold cigs to kids and teens for the rest of the 80s.

The modern Min age for buying tobacco/e-cigs in my home state is 21.

In a span of 35-40 years, we went from an era where anyone could buy cigs to a modern era where Even 18-20 year olds can't legally buy cigs.  Never mind the fact smoking was socially acceptable before the 2000s.

I bet in the 60s, the actual US smoking rate was more like 80-85% when I count all of those under 18 kids/teens who bought cigs and smoked themselves.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Tobacco will never be illegal

In an era where more people are smoking weed or vaping, tobacco will never become illegal.

I hear some states have actually lowered the cost of cigs.  Likely cause fewer people are buying em (fewer YOUNG people esoecially).  But it's more like modern generations going to the weed for smoking in general.

The other reason why cig sales have decreased in recent times is some longtime smokers switched to making their own cigs. I even heard of smokers who grow their own tobacco at home.

RYO/MYO cigs are a lot cheaper than premade cigs of course.

Friday, January 3, 2020

You can still smoke cigs outdoors in public

Weed is now recreational in IL. This does not mean weed smokers can lightup and get high outside. They can only smoke in private areas. Like homes.

Meanwhile, people can still smoke cigs outside in public.  Although there are certain outdoor areas where smoking is banned. Ballparks and beaches are obvious ones although I hear people still smoke at Chicago beaches. 

I'm still alive and still smoking

I haven't posted in here in more than 12  months.  Time flies!

Unfortunately modern teens are more interested in smoking weed or vaping.  Both of those ain't the same as smoking cigs to me.

As for me, I'm still enjoying cigs. There are lots of smoking models on Instagram. While YouTube is cracking down on cig videos, the good news is people are still posting smoking videos on their channels.

My own selfie smoking videos are still up on my YT channel as well.  I got my female smoking playlists private on there.  So no moron thinks about reporting my playlists.

If you hate seeing girls and women smoke cigs, don't visit the YT channels with those videos.  Even subscribing to those same channels is dumb.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Smoke That Cigarette (Facebook group)

Here's one Facebook Group I'm in which is friendly to smokers and e-cig vapers.  But I'd say the majority of posters prefer enjoying the normal cigs.


My YouTube channel with lots of smoking vids

One reason why I aint posting on my blog as much as I used to is cause I'm spending more time on YouTube watching ladies and teen girls smoke.  I'd recommend watching any YT vids on a smart TV instead of a laptop/PC.  Watching drags/exhales look MUCH better on smart TVs.  Especially if you have a 50+ inch smart TV. 

I also got a few selfie smoking vids on YouTube as well.


I spend most of my time watching these videos when I aint on Facebook.  Since YT deletes certain accts from time to time (which leads to the deletion of smoking vids associated with the accts), I try to keep my smoking playlists updated as much as possible.

For the record, I have no intention on deleting this blog.  This blog has been up since 2007, and if anyone reading the blog wants to read my views on smoking topics from 10+ years ago (or maybe take a look at the images from posted cig ads), they can do so.

I may post on the CigReviews forum a lil more often again. I'm still a forum moderator there.  Link to this forum is in my blog's links section.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Vaping off of an e-cig is NOT smoking. Why treat vapers like smokers?

Even though I don't vape, I still think it's unfair vapers gotta take it outside just like traditional cig smokers.

E-cigs were originally meant to be a quit smoking tool.  But now Big Tobacco is getting into the e-cig business.  Since people can't smoke in public places in modern times, BT is looking for "alternative ways" for people to get their nic while in places.

BT would have never thought of even making SNUS (smokeless tobacco pouches) products in the 80s since smoking in places were perfectly normal back then.  Same is true for e-cigs.  E-cigs would've been a joke even in the 90s.  Since restaurants still had smoking/nonsmoking sections in the rap era.  Of course, airplane smoking was totally banned on all flights by '94.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

You can find me on Facebook

I've actually been on Facebook for 10 years according to the site.

CLICK HERE to view me on Facebook.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Here are some more Deanna clips

Deanna is one of my favorite smoking ladies on YT.  She's a blonde lady who smokes Marlboro Reds 100s.  This non-menthol brand actually tasted better in the pre-FSC days compared to how they taste now.

EDIT: I notice I made an older post  with Deanna clips.  But the older post doesnt have clips of her smoking multiples.




Bonnie Smoking in her car

Here's a new brief vid of a smoking lady Bonnie.