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Monday, July 6, 2015

Capri: The slimmest 120 I have ever seen

Capri cigs first came out in '86 I believe.  Capris are 120s which are slimmer than other 120s.  As a matter of fact, Capri is the slimmest cig I've seen in my life.  They almost looked like white toothpicks in my mom's mouth when she gave em a try once. 

I think she tried em when they first became available.  During the days when it was a lot more affordable for a smoker to actually try a pack of different brands.  She tried lots of different brands in my kid days.  I believe Capris and Mores are the only 120s I ever saw her smoke at all (regular for both brands for her of course).

I never tried a Capri.  I remember seeing one other lady with a pack of Capri regulars in a bar almost 10 years ago.

The ad looks classy.  The lady is holding the Capri up, and she and the cig are both up close so you can see how slim the Capri is for real.  And see how beautiful she is at the same time.

I can understand why the Capri aint lit.  If it was lit, then you wouldnt be able to see the full size of a slim Capri up close.  She looks classy, but I aint tempted to smoke a Capri even after seeing this ad.  Now if she needs a light from me, that's a different story.

I havent seen this brand at all since the 2000s.  I dunno if Capris are still around. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Newports we're all used to seeing

Might as well stick with the Newport theme for this week.

This is most likely a '69/'70 ad, when the Newport pack and the cig itself both got a new look.  And the Newport pack/cig still look the same today (at least the FF Newport pack/cig still look the same).

The other giveaway is this ad doesnt have the "Alive with pleasure!" slogan.  Aside from it not having the SG warning.

The bottom of the pack in this ad looks slightly different than the bottom of a modern FF Newport pack.  A modern pack basically says "CIGARETTES" on the bottom.

This ad looks neat with two Black people and their big afros.  Getting up close with someone you love and is smoking a wonderful Newport is a wonderful feeling.

I think Lorillard is actually saying "KOOL aint cold."   

"Newport is better-tasting than America's #1 menthol (at that time)" is the message I get from this ad.  I bet a Newport 100 back then was a lot stronger than a modern Newport.

In the 70's, Newport's way of getting more Afro-Americans to smoke is by going through urban towns in vans and pass out free Newport pack to Blacks.  FREE NEWPORTS?  Yeah, I barely remember some places passing out free packs of various brands on planes, and at certain auto racing/horse racing events.

I heard some Black kids in the 70s actually stole packs outta the vans...which was the main reason Lorillard discontinued passing out free Newport packs to Black communities in those days.  Of course, back then, kids as young as 5 years old could walk into a store and buy a pack (or buy a pack from a vending machine) with no issues from the workers at all.

Free packs on planes wouldnt work in modern times.  Even if smoking on a plane was still allowed.  Since I could see a lotta people on the plane stealing the packs when they attempt to get off after the plane lands.

People stealing packs in stores in the 70s-80s wouldve been a joke.  Since cigs were a lot more affordable for everyone (and not to mention you couldve bought em anywhere when I count cig vending machines).  A Newport van in modern times would get hijacked.  Since a van with tons of Newport packs is like having a van loaded with cash inside driving thru a Black community.  I wouldnt be surprised if the loose Newports sold in the streets come from stolen packs. . 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Newport smokes fresher (than any other menthol cig)!

Some people call Newports a "Black cig."  Since its true Newports are the ONLY CIGS I see Blacs smoking at all.  Been more than 10 years since I saw a Black person outside with a pack of Kools, Salems, and even B&H Menthols. 

One sista told me once "I cant smoke a cig with a white filter." 

Well, let's go back to 52 years ago, when Newports had a totally different look.  Would a Black smoker in the 60s be tempted to smoke the original Newports?  After all, African-Americans (believe it or not) represented the majority of US adult smokers during the 60's.

I wouldnt mind trying an all-white Newports from half of a century ago.  I have a feeling even with em having tons of nic in em 50+ years ago, the original Newports had a much minter taste than the Newports I'm used to smoking.

I wouldnt be surprised if more Blacks in that era smoked Kools than Newports and Salems.  For one thing, this ad doesnt target the Black audience.  This ad certainly targets a man who loves seeing ladies smoking all-white cigs.  And a man who gets turned on at seeing a lit cig up-close.  Too bad you cant see the cherry end being "Alive with pleasure" as well.  Since the up-close cig (on the right side) would look better in the dark.

You can see the water in the background.  A lotta menthol ads in the 60s and 70s had the waterfall/beach theme   Since menthols are cigs that "taste fresher," "feel fresher when you inhale/exhale," and "freshens your breath," that meant smoking menthols felt just about as "KOOL" as seeing people smoke in the fresh water at the beach.   Or just about as "KOOL" as seeing a waterfall.  And the waterfall is refreshing to see in itself.

Beach/waterfall images in Winston ads or Cambridge ads wouldnt work since those are regular cigs.  And regulars dont have the refreshing taste and feel.  Therefore, there's no connection between a rich tasting regular and a refreshing-looking beach image.  (Cambridge is one of those now-defunct brands.)

Note:  Menthols actually used to be marketed as a cig which can "freshen your breath/soothe your sore throat" when you smoke em.  Albeit Kools were the ONLY menthols before 1950.   The Newports and Salems didnt hit the market til '58.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Newport Stripes: A now-defunct brand

I tried the non-menthol Newport Stripes once in my early 20s.  They had a cinnamoney-like taste....kinda similar to the taste of the Newport Reds (the NON-menthol Newports).

The last (and only) time I saw a lady with the "pink" Newport Stripes was in '03, outside of Wrigley.  When she lit up one of her Stripes while waiting for the train.  (If she tried smoking while waiting for the train now, she would get ticketed if the "smoke cops" caught her up there).  i never tried the menthol Stripes before.

I believe Newport Stripes first came out in '87 or '88.  Since I remember seeing them on an outdoor billboard around that same time.  The ad is in a nice, dark pink color.  This is the Stripes ad with the prettiest women as well (at least among the ones I saw on the net).
The best part about this former brand is the cigs were all-whites.  Making them one of only two all-white Newport brands.  Newport 120s were all-whites too.  And both of those all-white Newports are no longer in existence.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Marlboro Lights...the #1 brand for new smokers & teen smokers in general

Marlboro Lights.  This was the #1 brand teens (and "late blooming" adult smokers) used to start smoking with.  Its still a popular lights brand today.  Even if it is true most people who smoke em are Caucasians (White smokers).

Seemed like when I was in school and college, the sexiest girls always turned out to be smokers.  And most of them had the Marlboro Lights.  Some college ladies had the ML MENTHOL Lights.  But from my experience, Marlboro Gold Lights was the #1 brand to see among Caucasian HS/college girls.  With Marlboro Reds being #2 for ladies in that same group.

I actually remember seeing at least two Blacks smoking MLs (aside from my mom).  A Black lady in downtown smoked a ML outside (this was in 2000).  I even saw her own ML 100 pack as she sat down.   And a bro in a dorm room at my college asked for a cig....which of course was a ML.  I was a college freshman at that time. All of the people in the room were drinking beer and smoking ML kings...I didnt see any other brand in that "party dorm room."

I agree Marlboro Lights make a good brand for a new smoker.  Smoking these allows someone to get the feel of dragging a cig and inhaling.  But once the person gets used to smoking, I wouldnt blame him/her for switching to a stronger, full flavored brand. 

Now if a person actually starts smoking with a Newport, Marlboro Red, or even Kools, a ML is gonna feel mo like sucking air outta straw then.  I actually remember saying "This [ML 100] tastes like chocolate milk" when I was 19 and I was already used to smoking Newports .  lol

 The ML kings have slightly stronger drags than the 100s.  And the menthol ones have a lil more taste to them with the added mint flavor of course.  But if I had to pick one, it would actually be the Gold Lights.

I could've seen myself smoking these now and then when I was in my 20s and I actually did.  Even chainsmoked 15 ML 100s once maybe 10-12 years ago. (That's 15 cigs.  NOT packs-lol)  They're easier to chainsmoke than Newports, thats for sure.  But thanks to modern pack prices, those chainsmoking days are over.  I dont think I even chainsmoked 8 Newports...the most I ever did was 6 Newport 100s.

Chainsmoke is when a person smokes one cig after another without taking a break in between cigs.  In other words, if you put a fresh cig in your mouth and light it up while putting the lit cig butt out (from your previous cig), then you would be chainsmoking at least 2 cigs.

 As far as the ML ad itself is concerned, it would look better if a lady was in it instead ot the Marlboro Man.  I think of Reds when I see him.  I think of HS girls and young ladies in college when I hear "Marlboro Lights."  I'd still smile at a lady who switched from MLs to at least Reds (assuming she aint into menthols). 

MLs are a good all-white brand to see ladies smoke.  But they aint a real cig to enjoy for my personal smoking.  By the way, in some countries, MLs are actually CORKED cigs.  And they even got less nic in em than the US version.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A bonus Eve ad for this week

I don't know the country this Eve ad is from.  But seeing this babe take a drag on her Eve caught my attention.  Seeing cig ad models hold lit cigs is nice.  But I dont even remember seeing ladies take actual drags in the USA cig ads before.

Eve was one of those 120's brands which first came out in the 70s.  A cute woman actually savoring her cig in this ad makes the other Eve ads I've seen look dull.  Especially since the Eve ads I remember seeing only had the packs in em.

(Maybe this is an 80s ad? I aint sure.)

I guess to some folks in the 90s era (at least EARLY 90s), Eve was more like "an old lady's cig" to em.  I actually never saw this brand before outside of ads.  Not even in the 80s.  VS, Misty, More, Carlton, Capri, and Newport are the 120s I remember seeing for sure in the 80s and 90s. 

I believe I was a lil kid when Salem Slim Lights 120s were still on the market in the early-mid 80s. Since I have seen those 120s in Salem Spirit ads from that decade.

 And I never saw Max and Saratoga for the first time in my life til I got on the net in the late 90s.    Even when they were available, Max/Saratoga were still hard to find in general.

Happy 30th anniversary, Virginia Slims 120s!

This appears to be a VS 120s ad from '85.  The same year when this version of VS first came out.

The lady looks very elegant and sexy.  She looks soooo good, I wouldn't mind taking a VS 120 from her if she offered me one.  Even if it's a VS Regular 120.  I guess when BT is introducing a new 120, or a new version of VS, might as well make it a 2-page ad.  So you can catch ladies' attention while they read their favorite magazine.

I wouldn't be surprised if this ad was used as a billboard/side of a bus ad as well.

The only thing missing in this cute ad is the "You've come a long way, baby" slogan.

I actually tried a pack of the VS Regular 120s once in my 20s.  Both flavors are good brands for a smoker who's used to enjoying lights.  This is my most preferred 120s brand for ladies  A cute woman with a long and pretty all-white VS 120 both go hand in hand.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Virginia Slims ad from the 60's

"You've come a long way, baby." 

The famous slogan connected with Virginia Slims (VS).  VS was born in 1960.  I know this cause I remember seeing a 1990 VS ad which recognized the brand's 30th birthday at the time.  This ad is from 1969.

Notice anything different in this VS ad?   Its true the VS packs looked slightly different in the 60s compared to a modern pack (like the VS name on a modern pack is vertical instead of horizontal).

But there's something more significant to someone with good eyes when you compare this ad with other ads I posted on my blog.  Yup, this ad doesnt have the infamous SG warning as well as no stats on the VS cig's tar/nic content.  Cig ads made before 1971 had no warnings (and the packs/cartons had no warnings as well).

This ad is also from one of the last years of the cig tv/radio commercials era in the USA.  If ads HAD the SG warning in the 60's, I wouldnt know how you could put a SG warning in a tv cig commercial.  I remember seeing a VS tv commercial on U-Tube once.  

Virginia Slims....the original slim cig brand for ladies.  Some smoking ladies believe smoking helps keep them slim.  If a woman still believes smoking helps her lose weight, maybe she smokes a slim brand (if not VS).  After all,, if a woman wants to stay slim, she might as well make Virginia Slims her main brand.  Since the slim cigs can help her STAY slim. 

I heard of people who quit smoking and it didnt take them long to GAIN more weight.

VS is certainly the "Marlboros" of the slim cigs world.  But PM didnt start making VS 120s til 1985.  I'll have to look for a VS 120 ad next.

The rare times when I smoked the VS Menthol 100s, they tasted like a slimmer version of Benson and Hedges Menthols.  And had a stronger feeling (on drags) than their 120s siblings.  I do not think VS were ever available in king size.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Meet the Marlboro Man, the guy who defines smoking and cigs

I'm sure any readers born in the 20th century are very famiiar with the Marlboro Man.  He's the one who defined Marlboros AND cigs in general during my lifetime. 

When I think of smoking, "Marlboro" is the first brand to come to my mind.  I'd be surprised if there's a person who's been smoking longer than me and has NEVER smoked a single Marlboro cig of ANY kind in his/her life as a smoker. 

Marlboro Lights (not pictured in this ad) were the most common cigs I saw in high school and especially college.  Seemed like almost all of the non-menthol ladies at my college had the Marlboro Lights.  With the occasional Marlboro MENTHOL Lights ladies.  

Even my own mother smoked Marlboro Lights 100s herself in my boy days.  She was a rare African-American smoker who hated menthols.  Although she smoked a Newport or a Benson and Hedges Menthol Light from time to time within the last 3 years of her life.

Marlboro Reds were just as popular to see among smokers in the 80s and 90s.  I remember seeing a 14 year old girl (when I was in 7th grade) smoking a Red 100 from the old Red 100 Gold pack......the same pack you see in this ad.  PM discontinued  the gold Red 100 packs in the late 90s.  Now the Red 100s come in red packs.

How many Marlboros have I tried over the years?  Lets see. Red Kings/100s, ML kings/100s, ML Menthol kings/100s, Marlboro FF Menthol (Green pack) 100s, Marlboro Milds, Marlboro Smooths (the cigs which taste like candy canes),  and Marlboro Blend 27s (PM's version of Camels....and the 27s DO taste a lot like Camels).

I never tried the Marlboro Mediums and the Marlboro Blacks.  I think the ML menthols taste better than the FF Marlboro Menthols.  The FF menthols are weaker than a Newport and weaker than even a Kool from the late 90s (before RJR bought Kools).  I'd have to stop smoking for 10 years before I pick up a Marlboro FF Menthol.  Otherwise, no FF menthol can beat a Newport.

But whether you smoke Marlboros or not, or even if you're a non-smoker, you gotta admit the Marlboro Man is the #1 icon in the world of smoking.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An ad of the only corked 120 I ever heard of in the USA

I came across some Saratoga 70s ads.  But all of the ones I saw have the cartoon theme.  Doral is another brand with the cartoon theme in their 70s ads.  But here's the only corked 120 to ever appear in the USA if some smokers/readers never heard of Saratoga before.

Overall, I think having a lady holding a Saratoga in her hand or mouth would be more glamorous than having cartoon characters.  Unless PM's intention was to make Saratogas look attractive to teens during the 70s era.

PM = Philip Morris, the same makers of Marlboro and Benson and Hedges.

I bet a few teen girls actually smoked 120s even 40 years ago.  But I cant see a new teen girl smoker saying "Maybe I'll start smoking by buying a Saratoga pack."     I guess PM didnt wanna use ladies in their Saratoga ads because there would be no connection with ladies and corked cigs.  Especially a corked 120.  Ladies would've connected more with the all-white 120s called Max and Eve.  Since an all-white 120 would look prettier than a corked 120 in my opinion.

I've smoked Saratoga Golds before.  Yes, I'd call em a "Marlboro Red 120" taste-wise.  But Newports and Marlboros are better-looking corked cigs to me.  Even Camels are better-looking corked cigs (the way they smell is a different story though).

 I cant confirm if Saratogas are still available right now.  Since I never asked for a Saratoga pack in the FSC era.